E3 2018: Your Bold Predictions?

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#51 Edited by pweidman (2732 posts) -

ES VI playable at the show and announced with a 2018 fall release, just like Bethesda worked the FO4 bombshell. :(sadly it seems this one's impossible, didn't realize Beth had ruled out it's even early development)

Borderlands 3 announced w/gameplay shown, coming early 2019.

Many great pc strategy games announced to be coming to consoles, among them: BattleTech, Frostpunk, and They are Billions.

Halo 6 announced, and to be releasing simultaneously on pc and X1X, and shown off with a cross platform BR mp mode.

New Splinter Cell shown with gameplay, and playable and w/a dedicated co-op mode as well.

Crackdown 3's immediate availability announced by MS at their conference, along w/several short and a bit vague new IP announcements leaving everyone with questions.

Breaking news announced at Ubi's conference of Bioware being sold to Ubisoft..... sans only the rights to Anthem AND:

A new KOTOR series teased by Bioware, heralding their strong return to developer greatness......

.........coinciding with no official word from EA, but only rumors of Anthem floundering in development hell, while their conference is very Battlefield centric with a desperate looking BR mp focus, lol.

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#52 Edited by Moderp (68 posts) -

Here's a prediction... the writing for borderlands 3 is not going to mature in the way and time I did from high school to now and I'm going to inevitably be heartbroken by my own expectation and conceived thought about how much I have absolutely adored that series.

Side prediction:

Microsoft buys IO interactive.

We get a master chief stealth game.

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#53 Posted by Mitch2200 (2 posts) -

so exited!

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#54 Posted by TheRealMoot (639 posts) -

If I may be so bold in my predictions: Final Fantasy 7 and Shenmue 3 will NOT be present. But somebody will say they are coming in a quick off hand comment.

Sony shows off Monster Hunter World DLC or a massive event quest / some kind of summer event. (Like the spring festival!) PSVR 3.0 announcement as well? Or at least a VR game or something.

Microsoft has a car game to show off... and that's about it. Brags about console units shipped as well.

Nintendo shows off a ton of cute and interesting looking games that almost everyone is going to be psyched about.

Microsoft AND Sony show off new Battle Royale games. Both are platform exclusive.

Every major game developer and indie dev at E3 has a battle royale game on the floor in playable form. They are all made from unity or unreal asset packs. All shipping in time for christmas 2018.

Fortnite Battle Royale is seen at every press conference in some capacity. Fortnite Save the world is swept under the rug and vanishes...

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#55 Posted by FissionMailed10 (107 posts) -

Fortnite Switch.

Dragonborn character in Smash.

I hope someday we see that weird extreme sports playground game we saw very little of from EA probably around 3 years ago at this point?

No cyberpunk gameplay.

Switch Sports

Significant Mario Odyssey DLC

New Blood Dragon, In Seige or Far Cry.

Fallout 4 Switch with Metroid power armour.

A long drawn out animation showing off a gun/skin but no mention of loot boxes/micro transactions during Anthem gameplay

Division 2 to have the coolest Battle Royale mode showing of E3.

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#56 Posted by Teddie (2056 posts) -

100 Battle Royale games are dropped onto an LA convention center...

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#57 Posted by mekon (483 posts) -

If Rage 2 isn't happening, I'd want Dave Lang getting on stage announcing that Iron Galaxy are doing a VR Commander Keen. (with a GFB somewhere in the announcement which should be mandatory by now really)

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#58 Posted by MocBucket62 (2268 posts) -

Microsoft: They will show off a new Gears of War before Halo 6, revive one of Rare's classic IP's that will be developed by another developer (Thinking Perfect Dark made by someone like Machine Games) and they'll show off some kind of new IP. While not an XBOX 1 game, I can see them revealing gameplay of Age of Empires 4 since AOE is Microsoft 1st real big gaming IP.

Sony: They have already been pretty clear on what the presentation will focus on (Spider Man, Death Stranding, Last of Us 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima) but we'll likely get quick gameplay reveals for other games like Medieval Remastered and considering Capcom's track record of revealing a pretty big title at Sony's shows, Resident Evil 2 remake.

Nintendo: The Smash Tournament will likely reveal some new characters and features for the upcoming Smash. I say the new characters we see are Spring Man/Ribbon Girl (ARMS), Decidueye (Pokemon) and a third party character which will come from Bethesda (Dragonborn or Doom Slayer). Also a new Animal Crossing will be announced and for major 3rd party reveals, we'll get GTA5 and Fortnite on Switch.

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#59 Edited by ll_Exile_ll (2968 posts) -

@pweidman said:

ES VI playable at the show and announced with a 2018 fall release, just like Bethesda worked the FO4 bombshell.

Bethesda has been absolutely clear that they are not working on TES VI. They have said on multiple occasions that BGS has two new AAA RPGs in development that will come out before TES VI. It's assumed that one is "Starfield," which was trademarked several years back. That project is expected to be unveiled at this E3 and come out this year. Nothing at all is known about the second new IP they've said they're working on.

Elders Scrolls VI is not coming out any time soon. Don't expect it before 2023, at the very earliest.

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#60 Posted by robohasi (26 posts) -

Microsoft will reveal and partner with Crystal Dynamics' Avengers game, as they have previously partnered in the past and it gives them something to position against Sony's Spiderman

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#61 Posted by ATastySlurpee (502 posts) -

Everyone keeps talking about a Bethesda character in Smash but I feel like if Solaire of Astoria isnt a playable character in Smash, whats the point?

@robohasi said:

Microsoft will reveal and partner with Crystal Dynamics' Avengers game, as they have previously partnered in the past and it gives them something to position against Sony's Spiderman

Yeah but last time they did, it didnt exactly go over that well right? Rise of the Tomb Raider didnt exactly sell that well on Xbox One right?

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#62 Posted by robohasi (26 posts) -

@atastyslurpee: That's why this time, it's not an exclusivity deal, just a marketing partnership ;) I do hope this game shows up somewhere, although they only recently went on a big hiring spree so maybe it's too early for gameplay

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#63 Posted by BigSpoon (26 posts) -

I just want to see some Atomic Heart gameplay.

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#64 Posted by KingBonesaw (1162 posts) -

Rocksteady announces a new Batman game that isn't tied to the Arkham universe. The dream of an Adam West Batman game is almost certainly gone now with West's passing but maybe a Batman Beyond game or maybe that silver-age game that was rumoured years back is finally coming.

People say they're sick of those games but I'd totally be down for another one.

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#65 Posted by TrulyAlive (1169 posts) -
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#66 Posted by Big_Denim (489 posts) -

@trulyalive: I sure hope not! Id love to see OG Dante to make a proper return. No Nero, and no new Dante please :)

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#67 Posted by Casepb (382 posts) -

PC Gamer Show: Halo Master Chief Collection for the Microsoft Windows Store.

Nintendo: Star Fox Racing game.

Sony: Not real sure about brand new things. Maybe some new remaster?

MS: No idea honestly, I heard a new Gears.

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#68 Posted by frontfungus (46 posts) -

Rage 3

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#69 Posted by Relenus (215 posts) -

Even after watching people play it, we still will be incredibly confused if the new Smash Bros is a port of the Wii U version or a whole new game.

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#70 Posted by SASnake (584 posts) -

@gamb1t said:

A sequel to alien isolation. i can hope at least

As someone who has insider knowledge when it comes to Creative Assembly...I'm afraid your hope is lost....well unless its somebody else that makes it.

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#71 Posted by FreakAche (3076 posts) -

Ms Caffeine

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#72 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (7767 posts) -

I predict someone will steal all the video games right before the show starts and all the developers and ceos will have to do stand up comedy to try and appease the masses while the E3 mystery solvers try and find the culprits.

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#73 Posted by Aegon (7274 posts) -

Not really predicting it, but a few things that would be nice:

  • The World Ends with You Too (Ishimoto back on music)
  • Okami 2 or similar game from Platinum
  • Ghost Trick 2 or new IP from Ace Attorney team
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#74 Posted by Rejizzle (915 posts) -

@aegon said:

  • The World Ends with You Too (Ishimoto back on music)

Clearly "The World Ends with U2"'s music would consist entirely of the album Joshua Tree.

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#75 Posted by soulcake (1852 posts) -

@freakache: the hottest scoop let's bring back Mr. Caffeine. Kinda over the whole girl wood let's make bad meme thing with this influencer dressed as some UBI dude.

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#76 Posted by BooDoug187 (477 posts) -

EA: Tries to explain that loot boxes arent gambling, tries to show their new version of loot boxes (maybe under a new name) they get called out on and it is dropped... for now

Bethesda: Skyrim... NOW ON TI-81 GRAPHING CALCULATOR *with full Creation Club support

Sony: Last of Us 2, PS5 hints, new Uncharted, Trap Gunner HD remake, hint of PSN username change, return of Kevin Butler!

Microsoft: tries to announce some games with a vague "Exclusive to Xbox" tag but those companies have to clarify thats it is only a timed exclusive/a mistake. Another Halo, another Gears of War, bragging about how powerful their system update was but wont say sales figures, announce some price drops

Nintendo: Smash Bros, Bayonetta 3, Mario stuff, Zelda stuff, a new version of Switch that was already planed... not trying to cut off the whole "processor cant be patched so system can be hacked to play bootlegs", announcements of old gen games for sale but not under a "virtual console" tag

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