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    Echochrome II

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 21, 2010

    Echochrome II is a puzzle game which tasks the player with using the PlayStation Move controller as a light source. The player must cast shadows against the background to help the shadowy "echo" reach each level's exit.

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    echochrome ii is a sequel to 2008's PS3/PSP downloadable title echochrome. The games are similar in that they both rely on optical illusions as a main gameplay element. Players have control over the environment, but not over the "echo" who traverses the level, always propelling itself forward.
    This game utilizes the PlayStation Move as the light source for the level to guide the autonomous mannequin, now a shadowy silhouette, through the puzzle. Just like in the first echochrome, the player will have to arrange the blocks in a certain perspective to create optical illusions so that the silhouette can reach all of the checkpoints. This game continues Sony's Play, Create, Share mantra with the inclusion of a level editor and an online repository that stores them.


    For each level in the game, there are three distinct game types that players can choose from:
    1. Escort:  This is the main game type. Here, players are simply tasked with escorting the autonomous mannequin from the starting point of the level to the exit. However, the exit must be created by the player by superimposing a circular shadow above a tall, rectangular shadow. Depending on the level layout, the player can create multiple exits.
    2. Echo:  This game type evokes memories of the previous game in the series. Here, there is no exit that must be reached; instead, the player must help the "echo" traverse the level in order to collect other echoes scattered around.
    3. Paint:  In this mode, colored versions of the echoes walk around the level, painting it as they do. The player must paint a certain percentage of the level in order to succeed.

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