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    The fanatical Shadow Druid of the Baldur's Gate series.

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    I am one with nature.

    Faldorn is a recruitable character in Baldur's Gate. She is one of the Shadow Druids in the Cloakwood forest, and the other Shadow Druids in the woods will direct you to her when you speak to them about the mines in the woods. She wishes to strike against the mining installation as it is a severe blight on nature, and demands to go with you. If you turn her down, she will insult you.

    As a party member, she is somewhat mellower than her character portrait implies. She is fairly calm in her fanatical attitude towards nature, and the ferocious side of her personality is only clearly seen if Jaheira is in the party. Faldorn hates Jaheira, despises her less-intolerant world view, mocks her choice of mate, and may even attack her. If Jaheira dies, Faldorn will rejoice that her poisonous influence has ended.

    Faldorn reappears in Baldur's Gate II, as an antagonist, and the personality that she only showed around Jaheira in the first game is now easily seen by all that encounter her. At this point, she has taken control of the Druid Grove outside Trademeet, and abuses the land and its creatures in order to attack Trademeet. Cernd, Jaheira, or a druid player character can challenge her for leadership of the grove; defeating her in one on one combat will end her vicious reign, and allow for a druid player to be instated as Great Druid of the grove.

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