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    Flaming Weapon

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    A concept found in numerous video games, the idea that a weapon on fire is more powerful or does special "burn" damage when set on fire. Most commonly found with swords, several other weapons have been known to be set on fire for a similar effect.

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    Most flaming weapons in games are magical in nature and the flame is part of the weapon's own latent abilities. Other games allow your character to use magic to infuse weapons with elemental magic (albeit for a limited time) or summon magical weapons from nothing that the character then uses themselves or that float around and attack of their own will.

    Most recently Fallout 3 allows you to craft a flaming sword using fuel, a pilot light and a lawnmower blade. Known as the Shiskabob, the weapon is not imbued with magic of any kind other than your suspension of disbelief that a small motorcycle gas tank can keep a sword alight indefinitely.


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