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    Flood Combat Form

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    The Flood Combat Form, this form kills living creatures so the infection forms can obtain a new host.

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    Once completely infected, the Flood becomes a combat form. Any body capable of carrying a weapon or that is still useful in combat becomes a combat form and is very deadly. The Combat form grows whip-like tendrils on its arms, and will use them as melee weapons in close range, or if it loses its weapon.

    The Flood infection is capable of not only controlling the host's body, but of also tapping into its memories to find relevant information about using weapons and equipment. After enough damage has been taken and the combat form cannot function effectively, it becomes a carrier form that incubates more infection forms. Eventually a combat form will mutate into a carrier, regardless of damage, to perpetuate the Flood species.
    Any creature with enough biomass can become a Combat form whether Human or Covenant.

    Note: The Combat forms can take extensive damage before being neutralized. Arms, legs, even heads can be totally blown off their bodies before they are incapacitated. The only known weakness of a combat form is its sensory feelers that normally develop in the upper chest region. This is where the infection form has nestled, and once destroyed, the body is incapacitated.
    The Energy Sword and the shotgun and the best ways to take out Combat forms.

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