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    Flood Infection Form

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    The Basis of the Flood. It creates more combat and carrier forms as well as just food.

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    The Infection Flood Form is nearly harmless at first glance, but once it gains physical contact with a biological host it becomes highly virulent. Small tendrils underneath its "body" penetrate the skin and unleash an attack on the host's nervous system. First, it paralyzes the host's body. Once this is accomplished, it rewrites the neural pathways of the victim's brain with it's tendrils, forcing a resonant frequency match between it's neural signals, and the host's. When this is done, it starts to edge its way into the body, slowly moving organs out of the way so it can nest itself into the chest cavity of its host. If a match cannot be obtained, the host is left alone and cannot be used. After forcing a match, it begins releasing spores that mutate the host body with Flood DNA. Infection Forms are incredibly weak and fragile a single shot from any weapon will cause them and often neighboring infection forms to simply "pop". They have the ability to reanimate a fallen flood combat form by entering its body, though how this is achieved is unknown.
    If an infection form jumps on you, it will damage part of your shields, if you have no shields it will kill you over time by being the infection process.


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