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    A highly-acclaimed game that allows players to control the wind and collect flower petals while exploring a lush, colorful environment. Its innovative gameplay often seeks to create a soothing and relaxing experience through a combination of visuals and audio to complement the narrative.

    axellion's flower (PlayStation Network (PS3)) review

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    Unrivaled in its beauty and artistry.


    Flower is simply one of the most beautiful awe inspiring games I have ever played, the review can end there, Go download Flower.

    A strange title to say the least, flower is about as unique as they come. Coming from That game company, the studio behind Flow. There is no real protagonist to speak of, you control the wind blowing a small flower pedal through a grassy field. Opening other flowers as you touch them, gradually bringing the world to life and amassing a trail of pedals behind you. Speeding along the ground with dozens of peddles in your wake, wind blowing, grass pushing aside, the effect is quite stunning. Control could not be more strait forward or more apt, one button is all that is required to play, in fact any button will do, simply hold it down to begin to fly, steer with the controller. The motion control is a bit flowy, but since you are the wind it fits. Give it time and you will be making quick 180s and doubling back in mid air.

    Remarkably there is a story to be told here, each level is a flower growing from a pot in a city apartment, as the sprouts bloom the world slowly changes. A slow reveal, without spoiling anything, all that can be said is that each level takes you to a new environment and as the game nears its conclusion, darker, more dangerous surrounding. The Apartment begins, like the dream worlds of the plants, to become more alive and colorful. No enemies to speak of, only obstacles. There is a game here, its not just flying thru fields of pansies, tight control and fast movement are a must in the later levels.

    Visually stunning, almost distracting at times. Some of the best grass to ever grace a game, the wind blows dust into the air, the sun sets and rises, rain pelts the land, A glorious vision of nature. Early levels are calming even relaxing, Later on as the game becomes a bit more challenging. Completing and bringing life to the darker last few worlds, A tremendous feeling of achievement in beautifying these environments. Partial effect galore, almost to much to take. Truly a showcase for the PS3s capability's, and the power of minimalist design. To really take advantage of the showcase play on a 1080p display.

    For ever flower that is activated musical que is played, along with the background track a haunting score is present, building up ebbing and flowing with your actions. It can be almost hypnotizing, the visual sights and an ever changing reacting score. Only adding to its already mesmerizing nature. In the End Flower is a Marked achievement, a new benchmark in the Games are art debate. I loved every second I played and would linger in an atmosphere long after the task was completed, twirling and racing through the grass.

    A message of Environmentalism, Urbanization, and industrialization are at its heart, never preaching, only a slow methodical approach. Showing us the true beauty in the world. Growing great meadows of flowers. And in some cases breaking down steel monoliths, building the world anew. On my short list for game of the year. Maybe the most beautiful game I have ever played and not just visually, this game has heart. If you own a ps3 then you need to have this game, flower is not a game but an experience, a living interactive art piece. It is soft, delicate, yet powerful and moving. A landmark downloadable title, unrivaled in its beauty and artistry.


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