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    FN Five-Seven

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    An easily modified handgun from Fabrique Nationale de Hersta using a 5.7x28mm cartridge for its ammunition, which is where the gun's name is derived from. It uses the same ammunition cartridge as the P90 sub-machine gun.

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    The Five-seveN is a semi-automatic handgun that utilizes a 5.7x28mm cartridge (thus its name) identical to the cartridge used in the P90 sub-machine gun. Both weapons are manufactured by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FNH), and are intended to complement each other. The Five-seveN includes accessory rails that can be used to attach a laser sight, flashlight, or any other compatible accessory, and its barrel can come threaded for the easy attachment of a suppressor. There is also an extended magazine available for the Five-seveN, allowing it to carry 30 bullets in a magazine.

    In Metal Gear Solid 4

    The Five seveN is one in an arsenal of handguns available to Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4. The Five seveN and its sub-machine gun counterpart, the P90, are the weapons typically carried by the FROG soldiers in his arch-enemy Liquid's army.

    How to obtain: The Five seveN can be bought from Drebin for 6,000DP. It can also be obtained from FROG soldiers. Usually these soldiers carry a P90 sub-machine gun, but if they somehow lose their P90, they will usually pull out a Five seveN as backup (which she'll subsequently drop if killed or tranquilized!).


    • Damage: D
    • Shock: D
    • Penetration: B
    • Stability: B
    • Reload: S
    • Lock: B

    Customization: The Five seveN can be equipped with a flashlight.

    Metal Gear Online: The Five seveN is unavailable in MGO.

    In Splinter Cell Conviction

    The Five SeveN is sometimes referred to as the "FMP8 Pistol" and at other times referred to by its real name "Five-seveN". Like all weapons in Splinter Cell Conviction the Five SeveN can be upgraded three times. To upgrade the Five SeveN, among other weapons, you have to collected points by doing P.E.C Challenges. The upgrades for the Five SeveN are as follows:

    MarksMagazineUpgrade AUpgrade BUpgrade C
    320Laser Sight (250) - Increased accuracyReflex Sight (400) - 1 markMatch Grade Ammo (250) - Increased range

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