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    The FROGS are an all-female elite wing of Liquid Ocelot's private mercenary army.

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    Abilities & Weapons

    Haven Troopers are extremely agile and mobile, they are able to leap great distances and heights (presumably thanks to the armor they wear, much like how Old Snake's Sneaking Suit enhances his abilities).  Thanks to the claws on their hands and feet, they are able to cling to vertical surfaces and even ceilings.  Haven Troopers are commonly referred to as FROGS, but it is never explained what, if anything, that stands for. Thanks to the nanomachines in their body, Haven Troopers are able to perceive high-frequency sound waves, such as those emitted by the Solid Eye in its night vision mode.  Haven Troopers will normally always attack in groups, and use the P-90 Submachine Gun almost exclusively, along with grenades.  To prevent the armour technology from falling into enemy hands, when a FROG dies, her armour automatically self-destructs, burning both itself and the corpse of its occupant to ashes.


    If the Haven Troopers who attack Snake and the Rat Patrol in the Paradise Hotel (the first time in the game that they appear) are defeated using only non-lethal weapons, the player will be able to find a FROG Doll in the underground parking area at the end of the sequence, which can be seen in the galley of the Nomad during Mission Briefings. If the player collects the FROG Doll in addition to the dolls for each member of the Beauty and the Beast Unit, then the Solar Gun from the Boktai series will be unlocked at the end of the game.

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