Formula One: Built to Win

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    An racing simulation game published for the NES in 1990. One of the first to feature extensive car tuning and a fully fledged career mode.

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    Formula One: Built to Win is a racing and simulation game developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Winky Soft and published by SETA in November 1990. Considered a primary inspiration for simulation-heavy racing series' such as Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, the game is one of the first of its kind with regards to its in-depth career mode and car tuning mechanics.



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    Built to Win takes players from rookie to pro, competing in numerous races around the world against varying competitors. Starting out with a Mini Cooper, players must first slowly build up their credentials as a professional racer by taking part in races, first in New York and eventually towards the West Coast before gaining an international racing license and heading overseas to official Formula 1 tracks from around the world.

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    Along the way, players accumulate cash by winning races, finishing in podium position, or winning at the slot machines in Las Vegas, which enables purchases for better parts and faster vehicles such as the Vector W2, or the Ferrari F40. Parts can be installed into the player's current vehicle to help boost stats such as acceleration, handling, braking and speed, with a maximum top speed possible of 255 miles per hour.

    Free Mode

    In free play mode, players can choose to practice with any of the four player-controlled vehicles in the game on their respective tracks and does not feature any other racers on the track at the same time.


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