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Any word on if anyone plans to create a Discord Server for the Giant Bomb Community for Anthem? I know a lot of us over at the Destiny Discord have been talking about Anthem, we even have a separate Discussion Channel specifically for it to keep our Off Topic Channel from going nuts. I would be happy to link that Discord (if it exists) to the Destiny Discord. If it doesn't, I don't at all mind paying it forward and tricking some unsuspecting GBer into creating a Discord that goes from 10 people to over 1,000 in 2 months like someone did to me like 18 months ago...

Update: Rorie setup the Giant Bomb Anthem Discord. It's linked not far below here but also, here is the link as well

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@hestilllives19: I was very curious what the Destiny Discord's thoughts were on Anthem. I was also considering setting a server up for Anthem but I still have to keep eyes on the (admittedly quiet now) Monster Hunter World discord server, which I hope will pick up later in the year with Iceborne.

I might pop in with you guys (if you don't mind the fact I'm not actively playing Destiny 2 anymore...) to keep up with the Anthem chat if that's alright?

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We have a smaller Anthem discord side channel on the Warframe discord server too. In lieu of a standalone one not existing yet. Might be worth considering a separate Anthem server, maybe closer to around launch? Depending on community interest.

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@bollard: Yeah, anyone is free to come hang out and talk with us about stuff. We regularly use our Off Topic to chat about random going on's and when there is a big game coming out I like to make a Discussion Channel for that game for awhile. We've closed our MH: World and Red Dead Redemption Chats since they weren't getting used as much anymore, but I think there will be a lot of overflow of Destiny players being into Anthem, so it will probably be up awhile like the MH: World one was. I'm really interested to see how Anthem handles groups, we might make one for the Destiny Discord to pay Anthem together, but we will need to know more about that stuff, sizes, etc. I totally understand being hesitant to start another game's Discord, I know I can sometimes barely handle managing the Destiny Discord, but some of that is on me and doing things like Bots, private channels, and automatic twitter feed update stuff when people suggest doing it and having known zero about Discord before starting it.

If someone does create one though, I'd gladly give a shoutout to everyone about it either before this weekend's Open Beta or when the game goes live. It might also be smart to have it linked on the Unofficial Giant Bomb Discord as well. I've already been thinking about adding a place on our Welcome Page for other Discord links, to GB Community ones plus certain Clan Discords, so I'd probably put it there as well as soon as I add that.

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I set up a Discord here! I'll expand the categories as I can when I can actually play the game.

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@hestilllives19: They haven't talked about clans/alliances for Anthem yet have they? Very curious to see what there is.

@rorie: Nice stuff! I'm in there and the Destiny one now too. Will lurk and am willing to help where I can :)

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@bollard: Bioware's Official Response - Basically there is going to be an Alliance System that gives you bonus currency based on both your and the top 5 most active Anthem players on your friends list. It sounds like they have Guild plans, but they won't be ready for launch. Since they haven't given a timeframe, I wouldn't expect a Guild System to be in place for awhile either. Which kind of stinks, but I guess is what it is.