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It's not just me right since I can reproduce the same skips at the same times? Third yakuza video is having some where I'm at, 21:30, I've noticed it in other megamans and content video.

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Yeah I see the same thing around that time, its not just you.

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I was watching the For Honor QL and not sure if it's the same issue but it was skipping all over the place.

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This has been happening on all videos not just the GBeast videos. It's really frustrating and has made me turn off several of them.

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Yep, I thought it might be something to do with auto quality, but it's happening on any quality setting too. Seems to only do it a couple of times when I start a video and stops soon after though.

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@vortextk: Are you noticing a video or audio skip there? I'm unable to replicate it myself if it's a video skip. Have you tried in a lower quality setting?

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@rorie: Ok so, I do see it happen a lot and back to back several times when I see it usually but this is the first time I've really messed with the video to replicate it over and over. So in just going back a few seconds over and over again sometimes it skips and sometimes it doesn't, but when it does skip it skips in the same exact way every time and after so many rewinds it seems to have stopped altogether.

Maybe when the internet is being testy or it hasn't buffered enough it starts skipping badly. Basically, right at that moment vinny is like "what if there was an asynchronous multiplayer hook" and dan goes "like a dark souls thing". When it was skipping, those lines were getting put together with a split second cut out inbetween and you could tell visually because the ingame text also skips a beat and has several more words onscreen even though dan hadn't pressed anything and it was still typing it out word for word.

That's basically what I see when it happens, it's like you edited out 1/2 a second multiple times over a short bit of video. So in the megaman videos it's super noticeable because it's such a fast moving platformer, megaman and the guys are just skipping around. However, this part of the video won't do it anymore after the first few times when I loaded it back up after you asked sooooooo I guess maybe I'll pause or refresh stuff if/when I see it again and see if it works itself out. I mainly wanted to know if other people saw this as well ever or if it was just me but it sounds like maybe not a personal issue with my computer but also not the actual video file itself, but something inbetween?

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@vortextk: I would also recommend switching to progressive and seeing if it happens there.

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