Live streaming freezing or skipping back in Apple TV app

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For about a couple of weeks now, i’ve noticed that live streams have been freezing or jump back a few seconds every minute or so. It seems to only happen during live streams, and only in the apple tv app. I don't believe it’s an issue with my network, as it ONLY happens with live stream on the GB app.

Browsers work fine (on same wifi connection as Apple TV)

Other Apple TV apps like Twitch and Youtube work fine (live streams)

It happens with ALL giant bomb live stream shows, but never prerecorded stuff.

It’s pretty often also - it will either freeze or skip back about every minute, consistently.

Send help plz.

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#2 Posted by hellorain (4 posts) -

Same here. I thought it might be because I'm on the TVOS beta.

It seems to happen when trying to Airplay from the the iOS app to an AppleTV as well

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#3 Posted by lanerobertlane (309 posts) -

This happens to me on iOS, as well as Apple TV

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Yes I have the same issue watching live stream on iPad using safari it seems to buffer then skip back five seconds or so.

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Happening on my ATV4k in the GB app as well and makes streams nearly unwatchable. It’s so frequent that after an hour of the Burgle stream I’m eight minutes behind live.

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I noticed similar behaviour today in Safari 12.1.2 on Mac OS 10.14.6. It was fine in Chrome. My guess is that whatever GB's using to encode their HLS streams isn't playing well with AVFoundation for some reason.

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I had the same issue today when watching on my ipad. None of my other devices seem to do it.

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#8 Posted by Neodyn (8 posts) -

An addendum to my previous post: since whatever changed to cause this hitching I can no longer go to earlier in the stream on ATV (in app) or iPad (in safari). The browser/os’s built in skip forward and back also stopped working on both platforms.

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Yeah, I get frequent hitching and rewinding while watching live shows on iOS. I previously had this issue and it was fixed by lowering the quality, but that’s not working this time.

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#10 Posted by Hampe (270 posts) -

Yeah, having this problem on all my Apple devices. Both my iPhone X, my AppleTV and my MacBook Pro.

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#11 Posted by SayGrrr (3 posts) -

I've had this for a few weeks too watching live shows on my Apple TV 4k.

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I'm also having this issue on my MacBook when using Safari. Works fine in Chrome.

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I am experiencing a similar issue watching live streams through Chrome on an iPhone 8 with current updates.

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Same problem here on my MacBook Pro, iPhone XS Max, and iPad when using Safari, and the AppleTV app. Google Chrome and Firefox don't give me these hitching and rollback problems on the same devices.

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#15 Posted by bemusedchunk (909 posts) -

I'm also having this problem on my Apple TV.

Always live streams will "rubber-band" and go back about 5 seconds but then be fine for the next...30-60 i'd say.

I've tried resetting my Apple TV but this doesn't do the trick. At first this always happened on west coast streams but now its happening on east coast streams as well.

My iphone can play the livestream without any issues but when I try and airplay it to the Apple TV, the rubber banding happens. Pretty sure something is going on with the Apple TV and how livestreams are being broadcast, but I'm no networking expert...

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#16 Posted by SteveVice (269 posts) -

Yeah, this is happening to me as well, on Apple TV, on the iMac, on my iPhone.
The only streams I´m able to watch are the ones they do on Twitch/Youtube.

Sometimes on the Apple TV it will actually jump back to the very start of the stream. Have to scrub my way all the way to the live version again, and then it jumps back to the start of the stream after some minutes.

Giantbomb livestreams are completely unwatchable at the moment. Seriously wish they could find a way to use Youtube or Twitch to livestream and still have it be premium, because whatever janky service they use its not up for the job.

And seing how many replies this thread has, and still no response I guess its not much of a priority.
kinda makes me think about cancelling premium.

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#17 Posted by hellorain (4 posts) -

Just to add, as well as this problem still occurring my Apple TV is choking on the vod of last nights UPF. Keeps stalling out, or playing but with no sound.

Other videos are fine so it seems like just this video. Perhaps an encoding issue, or something to do with the length of the recording?

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#18 Posted by hellorain (4 posts) -

This evenings Vinnyvania stream still has the skipping issue.

Does anyone at GB even look at this forum? Is there a better route to alert staff to technical issues?

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Same here, it has become nearly unusable now. I'm glad to find this thread here!

If I want to watch Giant Bomb content on my TV I need to use the built in browser, which isn't that great.

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#20 Posted by Rorie (5923 posts) -

This evenings Vinnyvania stream still has the skipping issue.

Does anyone at GB even look at this forum? Is there a better route to alert staff to technical issues?

Sorry, I filed a bug for this a while back but as the developer is external to CBS I don't have a lot of insight on the timeline for getting this fixed, but I'll try to ping someone!

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#21 Posted by hellorain (4 posts) -

@rorie: thanks! i've bypassed it for now as I found the xbox one app but it would be nice to be able to use the Apple TV one again :)

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@rorie it may not be the actual app that’s the problem since the issue happens with airplay as well which doesn’t use the app and is an Apple feature. It could be something to do with the actual stream.

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#23 Posted by okand (105 posts) -

I’ll join the crowd and mention that the stream skips back a couple of seconds sometimes when watching on my Apple TV too.

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@rorie: Hey Rorie. Seconding that this issue isn't exclusive to the app. This issue exists in Browser on iPad too, on both Chrome and Safari on iOS. Video cuts back 5 seconds every so often. 3 other people in the current Doom live stream are also having the same issue as me too. maybe a stream issue @wcarle ?

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Hey, I was one of the other people in the doom stream having this issue. Same issue as others described with skipping back a couple of seconds almost every minute. I watch the live streams on my iPad in chrome.

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The buffering is constant even on low quality. This started happening 2 weeks ago. On iPad or iPhone

Also can’t stream live anymore on LG TV browser which also stopped 2 weeks ago