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I played a lot of Destiny 2 after its initial release but eventually fell off before the first expansion hit. Now I really want to jump back in for Forsaken but jeeze the cost of getting back in after being out for a while is a real kick in the nuts. I don’t have any of the DLC so I’d have to get the Legendary edition, but it’s galling to have to pay CAD $80 for a game I already paid full price for plus two pieces of lacklustre DLC just so I can play the new content. Plus, I’m on PS4 so I would have to re-up to PS Plus to get the most out of it, so that’s another 60-70 bucks to factor in. $150 to get back into a game is just too much.

I guess I have the option to get it on PC to eliminate the overhead of having to pay for online (and 2x the framerate is a nice perk!), but I played so much on PS4 and had a character of each class levelled close to max (before the first expansion), and I just don’t think I want to grind that out again. Plus, the GB community for the game seems to be mostly focused around console.

Looks like I’m going to have to miss out on this one ☹

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I'm right there with ya. Destiny 2 overall felt lacklustre to me, and while Forsaken looks like it could be fun, it doesn't look so fun that I'm willing to drop $80 just to find out.

Certainly never thought they'd give Destiny 2 away on PS+. I dunno, for that game in particular it doesn't really strike me as a good sign. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but I imagine overthinking is at least slightly a part of the decision-making process when it comes to giving your "AAA" game away on PS+.

When the whole thing's like CAD $30-$40, maybe I'll pick it up. Maybe. I do actually like the Awoken, and the idea of killing off Cayde-6 is particularly enticing to me. Going back to the Reef and all that sounds like it could be cool. But yeah, no, not at that price. Not when I'm not particularly high on Destiny 2 in the first place.

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Can't disagree. As much as I like Destiny 2, $80 (I payed around $50 for the base game and $30 for the last two expansion) feels like a bit much for a pretty good but not one of my absolute best experiences in games. So, asking me to put in at least another $40, unless Foresaken makes the game feel like the over $100 that I'll potentially spend on it (which it most likely won't and I should have seen this coming while I was looking at Destiny 1 from the sidelines), I think I'm better off just cutting my losses and walking away. ...unless nothing interesting is coming around soon in which case, fuck it, more money into the Activision-Bungie pit on a day that I decide that I hate money.

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I have D2 with the first two expansions on PS4. I liked it a lot, I don't mind grinding at all.

After the game came out the One X launched, I found myself slowly shifting to that console, for multiplatform, including switching from PS+ to Xbox Live Gold. So, even if the most sensible thing would be to buy a month of PS+ and the new expansion, instead I bought the all-inclusive edition on Xbox, with pass to released and unreleased expansions and started a new character.

I don't regret it or anything, but it sure is pricey. Also I bought D1 with expansions on PS3 and PS4, that makes this the most money spent on a single franchise for me, but I really really like those games, in spite of the problems it always had.

I'd says if you are not sure about pulling the trigger, wait for a sale.

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I played a bit on the PS4, a little with a friend, then got it on PC (for like $35) to play with another group of friends. I stayed with it for a long time on the PC, doing my weekly stuff pretty consistently and getting the season pass. Ended up stopping for a little while during the course of moving to a new place. I'd already been doing the weekly stuff less frequently, but moving and not having my PC ser up for a week was enough to kick the habit.

I definitely enjoyed my time with it, but I feel no desire to get back into it.

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The expansions aren't as bad as most people say, Osiris was incredibly disappointing at the time for how little there actually was of it at first glance (they showed a bunch of stuff in previews that never made it to the game) but it had a useful long tail with the prophesy weapons and brought a bunch of great changes to the way the game worked, and Warmind has Escalation Protocol (which is great). If you dropped off before even getting to the DLCs, then maybe waiting a few months for a GOTY version when they try and sell the next season pass makes sense, but I paid full price at the time and don't regret a cent of it.

I do think its really bizarre to require everyone to buy the season pass from the past year to buy into this year though, I would have just assumed it was like the WOW model where the new thing also buys you all the old stuff. A lot of the high level design and business decisions from Bungo make very little sense to me, though.

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I know we are talking $80 CAD, but isn't that the exact same as $60 US after exchange rates (they are at 1.3, correct)? I know that is the price of the Destiny 2: Forsaken Legendary Collection. Just to speak to the value proposition of this conversation, Forsaken itself is $40 US for all players. From my experience with Destiny, both Rise of Iron and The Taken King easily lived up to those price points. They were as large, if not larger than the vast majority of full priced $60 games. According to Bungie, and by the look of everything I've seen to date, Forsaken looks to actually dwarf the size of The Taken King even. I dare to say there will be more content that I'm looking to play than was even in Destiny 2 vanilla, a game I was actually far more disappointed in than much of the community around here. An actual good looking story that hints towards one of the biggest, most forshadowed things in the Destiny universe, basically 9 brand new classes, two brand new locations (one of which is an actual End Game Destination with two realities), a brand new PvEvP gamemode in Gambit, a new Area Activity in Blind Well (like Escalation Protocol), new full fledged Raid that changes week to week and as teams beat it, and some strong hints at several new hidden Quests like the Arg puzzle or Whisper of the Worm was... I'm already sold. Especially since this comes with so many other features we the playerbase have been desperate to come, or return like the new Weapons Slots (and all of the 2.0.0 changes), Mods 2.0, Random Rolls, and Gear Collections. I'm beyond excited for Tuesday, and I can't see how the value proposition for all of that isn't worth $40.

So what we are really talking about is that other $20 for players who played vanilla and skipped out on Curse and Warmind. And this goes just as equally for Plus Members who are just jumping on board this month, enjoy it, and want to hop into Forsaken. Is $20 worth what you are getting from Curse/Warmind? You are getting 2, lets be generous and call them 2.5 hour Campaigns, and also be generous and call them "adequate" (they are bad). You also get two Destinations, which will very likely be used for at least some reason during Forsaken (if nothing more than as a certain week's Flashpoint). You get 4 Strikes (5 if you are on PC or Xbox One) and access to Escalation Protocol, which while it probably won't drop Forsaken Power Loot, it will still contain the Ikelos SG (one of the most powerful Energy Shotguns for the foreseeable future). You also gain access to 11 Exotic Weapons, and 8 Exotic Armors for each Class. You also gain access to 2 Raid Lairs, some of the best content Destiny has to offer, though there is no word yet on if Y1 Raids will drop Powerful Gear, so it may or may not be useful to continue running them at End Game (I think it's very unlikely). But even if not, running them once is well worth the experience. And for anyone who never owned Destiny 2, you get the entire base game as part of this $20 as well. To be honest, at $20, new and returning players are kind of getting a steal of a deal, and giving away 3 Content Packs (D2, Curse, Warmind) for free to all Forsaken Purchasers would be a huge slap in the face to all of the players who have stuck with the game through "The Dark Ages" of Destiny 2 Year 1.

I guess I don't understand why that $20 is such a sticking point for so many. You are getting at best $95 worth of content for it, and at worst $35 worth of content because you bought and played a game a year ago for $60 that you obviously enjoyed if you are thinking of returning. Now if you don't think Forsaken itself will be worth $40, I might disagree with you, but I totally understand that outlook. It's the $20 that people pitch a fit about that I don't understand.

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Maybe it's just a perception thing, but it still feels like they're double dipping, at least partially. Breaking down the numbers like that actually does help with seeing the overall value proposition though. As I mentioned though I'm also looking at the additional cost of having to re-up to PS Plus, which I realize is completely separate from the cost of the game, but for my own personal situation it's still something I have to factor into the price of being able to play Destiny again. That gets a little more complicated for me because of the way I play Destiny. For one thing, I really don't like PVP. I played hundreds of hours of D1 and never played a single second of PVP. For D2, I played just enough to get the gear drop every week and that's it (never participated in Trials of the Nine). I do think the new gambit mode sounds cool though and would definitely want to play that. I've also never run a raid, although that's not because I don't want to (I do!) but more because I can't normally make that kind of time commitment. Running dailies/strikes/arena modes/PEs accounts for the vast majority of MP for me. So it's almost like I'm paying for PS Plus to unlock the potential of everything the game has to offer, without actually getting to experience a lot of the really good stuff. Again, I realize none of this is the fault of the game, but it has to factor into my decision-making process.

Off-topic side note: I’ve seen your username probably hundreds of times on these boards, and I am only now realizing that it’s “He still lives” and not “Hesti lives” like I’ve been reading it this whole time lol!

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I left Destiny 2 behind within 4-6 weeks. I haven’t regretted it or thought about it since.

That said, my friends got me back into it and IN THE VERY SHORT TERM I’m having fun. Nightfalls were “fixed” some time back. I did a prestige that was a bit easier than I’d like, but it was satisfying and didn’t have that stupid fucking timer mechanic. Anyhow, if I can play a Bungie shooter with some friends and sometime run something like a nightfall or raid, that seems alright, IN THE VERY SHORT TERM. For all I know, I’ll hit a wall and see the awful design I saw last year again.

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I went through it all relatively recently and enjoyed it just fine. I just took it off my console for more space though, and I wish Forsaken was part of the season pass. Whatever though, I don't know if I'll get it.

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Let's be honest, as someone who's probably put in over 2000 hours of Destiny at this point, D2 was pretty bad overall. But it seems to be going in the opposite direction as D1 at least in terms of how fun the sandbox is, which is to say that year one of D1 had what most hardcore players would probably say is the most fun sandbox in all of Destiny history and then it got progressively worse each release where things were nerfed into the ground. Now with D2 everything started out in a pretty weak state and Bungie is buffing the vast majority of things, bringing us back to where we should have been when D2 launched. With the new sandbox and all the new content, I feel pretty comfortable saying that if you ever really enjoyed Destiny, this will be a good point to jump back in, because this is the best D2 has ever been.

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Destiny games drop in price really fast. I'd bet you'll be able to get the disc copy of the bundle for $50 CAD by the end of the year. It sounds like you play mostly solo anyway, so there's no need to get in at launch so you can play with people while they're still into it. Although, in your situation I'd probably just start over on PC. If you'll have to pay for PS Plus and have no other use for it, the PC version just seems like a better choice.

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If I buy the base game for $5 can I carry my characters over to Forsaken later? Seems too cheap even without any DLC.

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@dgtlty: Forsaken is an expansion to Destiny 2, so if you buy the base game for Destiny 2, whatever progress you make there will be there if you purchase any of the dlc and Forsaken. If you buy Destiny 1, none of that will carry over into 2.

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@bakoomerang: Yeah, most people don't realize that. I get called Hesti a lot, and by people I've played with for years, haha. And I wasn't talking directly to you, it's just that sentiment of that $20 breaking the bank that always confuses me, and it seems to be all over the place. I totally understand the not re-upping for PS+, heck there are several games I've skipped because I don't carry a Gold Sub anymore because my Xbox One S is more or less just a glorified 4k Bluray player. To the point you made earlier, we actually have a pretty decent size group of Giantbomb PC players on the Discord, so if you did make the switch it would both cost you the same, you'd have a decent size group of Gbers to play with, and with the Spark of Light type item that comes with every purchase of Forsaken, you'll probably be a higher Power Level and Level than you are currently on PS4 anyways, so I wouldn't really even factor that in. What you'd be missing is your existing stuff (mainly just Emotes/Emblems/Exotics collected) and having to replay about 15 hours of story content (5 of which it doesn't sound like you played yet for Curse/Warmind). So, more or less the questions you would have to ask yourself is do you have PS4 friends that still play, do your collected items matter to you, and is that extra 10 hours to run through the vanilla story worth all worth signing up for PS+ again? If you do decide to jump back into Destiny 2, I think going the PC route is actually a perfectly valid option if you have a good rig/setup.

@liquidprince: As someone who loves the Destiny franchise, I couldn't agree more. Destiny 2 has, until last week, been both a major disappointment and just a general misstep and step backwards for the franchise. Don't get me wrong, there are hundreds of great improvements in D2 over D1, but the moment to moment gameplay was just cut down so much and the fun sucked right out. All of that has already changed this past Tuesday in 2.0.0. The Destiny I fell in love with is back. It's viceral moment to moment, is fast paced again, and every tiny decision I make feels like it matters so much more. I feel like my "Skill" at the game is finally able to show again. No longer can you just hop into an engagement with whatever weapons (because they all suck) and be fine, your loadout matters, and I love that. Abilities feel powerful again across the board, and to be honest, I actually feel like a Guardian there to save the world again. And this is only going to get better with the changes they are making with Random Rolls and Armor Perks. You can already tell by the little Armor we've been able to sneak out of the Flashpoint this week, this Armor makes me feel Powerful again. I'm so excited for next week, because this is finally the game I feel in love with.

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@hestilllives19: Not gonna lie, before I played with you, I always read your name as Hesti-villes. I kinda just glossed over all the i's and l's.

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I have no idea how, but I'm playing on PC and the two mini-DLCs appeared as 'unlocked' as soon as forsaken launched. I didn't buy them, nor have I touched Destiny since a month after launch. Guess I got lucky, but having just finished CoO, oh WOW would I have been pissed if I spent money on that.

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Just a note... If you're still grandfathered into a Best Buy Gamer Club membership, you can get the Legendary collection that has Forsaken and the two previous DLC's for $48. I already bought the base game, but not the DLC's, and I think this is going to be the route I go.

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I only own base Destiny 2. For some reason, being required to buy the previous 2 DLCs was the thing that totally broke the whole Forsaken proposition for me. If someday there's a sale I might jump back on board, though. Bows look cool.

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Sales, duder. The expansions go on sale ALL the time.

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I only played the Destiny 2 and none of the DLC. Is there any site that tracks the price of PC Destiny 2 DLC and can send an email when they go on sale? Isthereanydeal doesn't seem to cover battle.net and psprices only tracks console stuff. Having to pay for a second season pass in addition to the Forsaken DLC is a very Activision-like solution.

  • Old DLC $20
  • New DLC $40
  • New Season Pass $35
  • Total: $95