Big Live LIVE Show: Live! 2015 (Wed April 29th!) Discussion

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Big Live LIVE Show: Live! 2015

Where? -

When? - Wednesday April 29th / Thursday April 30th for Australian users


The biggest and most live of shows is live once again in 2015!

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On the Giant Bomb PAX East 2015 panel Jeff confirmed that the 4th Big Live LIVE Show: Live! will take place Wednesday April 29th!

BLLSL 1&2 were Whiskey Media productions with GB, Tested, Comic Vine and Screened, BLLSL 3 was a CBSi gig with just GB & CV. They were day-long live-streams with amusing segments all in the name of providing a showcase of premium memberships

Can you name everyone in this picture of a past BLLSL?
Can you name everyone in this picture of a past BLLSL?

What do you want to see in BLLSL 2015? I assume we all want Vinny, Alex and *insert Patrick's replacement here* (assuming the new hire has been revealed) to fly over from GBeast? What will the wild card Dan Ryckert have in store for his 1st BLLSL? Comic Vine (Do they even do premium member content that needs plugging)? Will #teambrad make a triumphant return? A Screened tribute in the form of an incredibly bad movie? An appearance by Tested? The Snider siblings? Patrick? Sony's own John Drake? Will the Lang Zone descend upon the proceedings?

Which was your favourite past BLLSL? 1, 1's after party, 2 or 3? How many of you were not here during the original trilogy? Do you understand the hype levels I'm experiencing right now?

The BLLSL 1 archive may have been lost to the internet void but luckily former intern Internet Steve/Lemon (@steve_ramirez) recorded a bunch of it in his making of video, hurray!



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#2 Posted by cooljammer00 (3091 posts) -

I want them to invite me to hang out

They don't even have to live stream it

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#3 Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations (1616 posts) -

I don't know if they can top that #teambrad moment. Holy fuck. I literally got out of my seat and pumped my fist.
I just want a big gathering of interesting people getting up to weird ass shenanigans. I'm sure they're already in the process of planning this since it's such a huge event, so I'm sure it'll be interesting regardless of who shows up.
Really though I just wanna see some people we haven't seen on GB in a while. John Drake, Johnny V, Eric Pope, the Tested Guys, Tony from Comic Vine. I understand it all depends on scheduling and if some people not in SF really want to fly out for this and all that, but I'll be damned if I can't hope.

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It'll be overhyped and ridiculous and we'll all love it.

To quote Rorie's BLLSL commercial: "Oh my, GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDD!"

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#5 Posted by htr10 (1060 posts) -

The BLLS1 after party was like no entertainment seen before or since. It was almost avant garde, to use a phrase that people like to use if they are trying to be as much a d-bag about things as possible.

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#6 Posted by ShaggE (9279 posts) -

Oh man, now I'm itching to rewatch the original Big Live Live Show Live, the Second Annual Big Live Live Show Live: This Time, We're Doing It Live, and Big Live Live Show Live 3. Then I think about how much damn time that would take. Then I think about that time being a small fraction of the time I've spent watching GB stuff. Then I wonder what I'm doing with my life.

Then I get hyped for the next Big Live Live Show Live all over again.

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#7 Posted by Monkeyman04 (2799 posts) -

OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN! I need this in my eye holes! Well, looks like I'm gonna have to re-watch all three before this one kicks off.

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#8 Posted by BisonHero (11583 posts) -

I had to work for a significant portion of the first BLLSL, and I regret it to this day. It was just so much more out of control than all of the subsequent ones, and some of the people in that block party got rowdy.

BLLSL 2 was still pretty solid, because man, that final Whiskey Media office was just such a rad set. That brick wall, so great. Those guests, so great.

BLLSL 3 just wasn't the same, because I think the whole venture doesn't work quite as well without the craziness of Whiskey Media. Also, the CBSi offices are soulless cubicle farms so they can't be quite as crazy. Also also, the Comic Vine segments were just bad for the most part, and it was hard for Giant Bomb to carry the whole thing on their own since Tested and Screened obviously weren't contributing in the same manner as before. Still, Brad (at the end of his rope) finally getting Mile High Club was a truly magical moment that made it all worth it.

I was kinda fine with them retiring it because I think it worked well for Whiskey Media's multiple disciplines, but it's hard for the GB staff (and Tony from Comic Vine, god forbid) to carry the whole thing now.

I'm sure a new one will give Dan the opportunity to do some incredibly stupid things.

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#9 Posted by Rejizzle (1124 posts) -

BLLSL 3's mile high club moment was one of the best things I've ever seen.

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Yep, the mile high thing was bloody magical and Drew's archery in the office halls was pretty funny too.

And your saying the other big live live shows are even better? I've only seen the 3rd. Guess I have some long ass videos to watch soon :)

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#11 Posted by mechakirby (448 posts) -

For those that want to watch the old ones, I'm not sure if the first big live live show is archived anywhere anymore. It used to be on but that's dead now

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#12 Posted by boatorious (196 posts) -

Wait, is this official? Jeff had said it seemed likely but I hadn't heard anything else.

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@mechakirby: I'm sure somebody has it on a hard drive somewhere but it doesn't seem to be on the internet anymore.

@boatorious: He said it's happening in the latest Jar Time

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#14 Posted by ShadowSwordmaster (1119 posts) -

I remember when they first did this.

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#15 Posted by TrafalgarLaw (1715 posts) -

I think I remember catching the last one? Whiskey Media times have become a distant memory for me. When would this BLSL take place?

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#16 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8906 posts) -

Team Brad was maybe my favorite GB moment I've been on for. Besides that, I loved that crazy segment with the guy who played the enormous guitar thing. That was super cool.

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#17 Posted by Nardak (947 posts) -

I think Ryan was the ideal ringmaster for Giant Bomb. He was the guy who was almost always the host of anything that happened with Giant Bomb.

Ryan probably orchestrated a lot of what happened in those big live shows. He kinda had an effortless quality in managing to host live streams in a way that felt totally natural.

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#18 Posted by 71Ranchero (3419 posts) -

I just want them to get the crew back together. If Dave and Tested are involved, I will be thrilled.

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I guess a lot of guests on it?

I have different tastes from most on here though. I thought the previous shows had moments (yes Mile High ruled) but mostly weren't worth the effort on their end or the build up. But I feel the same way about a lot of their live show type stuff, like UPF. Fun, but I'd rather have them doing something else, like pre recorded videos, which I enjoy much more and find to be a way better product. The live shows are a bit aimless.

Not that a live show like that is easy to do, it's not. I've just always found UPF, TNT, Happy Hour, and these shows to be the weakest content on this site.

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#20 Posted by MEATBALL (4233 posts) -

I hope multiple HR violations take place again.

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#21 Posted by ottoman673 (1271 posts) -

More shit needs to be flushed down toilets, I think

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#22 Posted by ajamafalous (13818 posts) -
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#23 Posted by dudeglove (13763 posts) -

This video came to my attention recently. I was not aware of Drew's HR violations at CBSi.

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Also, for me - well, it can't notbe this.

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#24 Posted by rachelepithet (1646 posts) -

It's a shame they weren't archived. Someone recorded and YouTubed a small portion of one of the JA Steel streams, but the rest of the two are lost to history. They're easily top ten greatest giant bomb moments period.

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I doubt they could get Dave, but I'm really hoping for something like Snider's Snakepit to come back. Have someone like Danny host it.

For the main show, all I really want to see is a bunch of the best guests from different eras of GB hanging out. That was one of the really cool things about day four of Extra Life this year, and this seems like it would be a really good opportunity for more of that.

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#26 Posted by TrulyAlive (1178 posts) -

Every time someone doesn't manage to refer to it as The Big Live Live Show Live, it annoys me.

The entire joke is the name, give it it's due! =D

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#27 Posted by inevpatoria (7448 posts) -

That original Big Live Live Show, Live--everything from the stream to the afterparty feed--was fucking magical. I felt, even watching from home, like I'd supported and become a part of something big. Something important. I have really fond memories of that event to this day. And I never felt more connected to the Giant Bomb crew than when Whiskey was this huge interconnected thing.

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#28 Posted by Niceanims (1754 posts) -

Yo, I was looking for it earlier this week, but where the hell is an archive of BLLSL1? And the afterparty?

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#29 Posted by CrimsonAvenger (374 posts) -

The second and third one are up on YouTube in their entirety. Sadly the original is lost forever. I am so glad it's coming back though. I hope we can Will, Norm, John Drake, Dave Lang, and Dave Snider can put in an appearance. Also, I doubt ComicVine will put in appearance. I think Tony started working from home as of a few years ago.

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They should prerecord it this year.

I'm sure it will be fun, but it's really not going to be the same without the other sites being involved.

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#31 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4499 posts) -

So, when is it?

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#32 Posted by noboners (186 posts) -

Man this is the best news. I literally woke up this morning and thought to myself "it's been a super long time since BLLSL3...."

I think having two separate offices could actually work if maybe Pope and some of the Harmonix guys could hop over to NY for that side of things.

But Dave Lang would have to travel to SF for it. No shortcuts to the Lang Zone.

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#33 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7092 posts) -

I want what everyone clearly wanrs: 12 hours of nonstop DotA action

But seriously, I dunno.

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#34 Posted by stackboy (752 posts) -

I really hope they archive it this year. I'd likely watch the whole thing. It was on at strange times for me, living in Australia.

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This video came to my attention recently. I was not aware of Drew's HR violations at CBSi.

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Also, for me - well, it can't notbe this.

I forgot all about that, awesome!

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#36 Posted by cooljammer00 (3091 posts) -

I don't even know why they'd do one, to be honest. With most of Whiskey Media scattered to the winds, and Comic Vine now being what, just Tony? Can GB really sustain a 9 hour show? Isn't that just like an E3 Nightly Stream at some point? Or GB-Con, where devs are coming to show off their games?

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I thought Extra Life had kind of taken the place of this, I look forward to it's return though. I've watched all 3 live, although only parts of each; they are fun shows and it's cool how they end up doing stuff that wouldn't happen normally. There are always some really good segments that come out of it.

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#38 Posted by Nightriff (7198 posts) -

Is this for real?!

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I assume they might try and bring in a lot of the GS people. Not sure if they will even try and do something with Comic Vine, does Tony even still work out of that office? I know he used to have a desk right next to the guys but it hasn't looked like he's occupied that space for a while now. I assume he was moved somewhere else in the building, might have his own office or something. Or he might work out of his house. Comic Vine's parts in BLLSL 3 didn't exactly always work out that well.

I sometimes forget just how long Giantbomb has been around now. Its actually gotten to the point where there's probably a fair number of members of the site who wouldn't recognize people like Will, Norm, Dave, Andy, Coonce, Tony, etc. Hell people were asking who Alexis was like two weeks ago and he's only been gone like four months. Its obviously understandable that new users don't recognize people who haven't been an part of the site for years now except for rare appearances but its still just really strange to me.

Regardless really excited for the return of the BLLSL. The previous three were all beautiful messes.

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#40 Posted by whitegreyblack (1966 posts) -
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@nightriff: It is!

Just wanted to chime in and say hi AND DAMN YOU BECAUSE I SPENT THE WHOLE DAY WATCHING BLLS:L VIDEOS, and share the youtube links to the archives I'm watching:


part 1

part 2

part 3


whole thing in one video part 2


part 1

part 3

part 4

part 5

Many thanks, think I'm going to watch a bunch of 2 on Sunday.

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#42 Posted by Nightriff (7198 posts) -

I request a return of the Lost Canadians in a 2 hour segment with V bomb and the dead parrot, EVERYTHING!

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#43 Posted by whitegreyblack (1966 posts) -

@flstyle: No sweat duder! I'm going to try to finish up 3 tonight. 2 was pretty good but it's weird seeing the whole Whiskey Media group together again from back in the days when I lurked around this site.

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#44 Posted by DefaultProphet (840 posts) -

Hood Slam's first Internet Pay Per View

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I knew there was a block party highlights video on the net somewhere!

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#46 Posted by FLStyle (6666 posts) -

OP updated with the date of the 2015's BLLSL! Excite!

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So many people from the Whiskey days I'd love to see again.

I guess Gamespot will feature heavily? On one hand it makes a lot of sense, though it would also be a bit weird for them to endorse premium content.

Comic vine doesn't really have an in office presence anymore, which is a bit of a shame. I know people didn't love their segments, but I think negative feelings factored into that a lot.

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I remember loving them all. The first was such a great idea, and the week running up to the second was the time I decided to subscribe to GB as I was in a position where I could reasonably justify the cost. I'm very excited for what TBLLSL3 will bring.

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#49 Posted by forkboy (1650 posts) -

@robsamuel: Why would it be weird for Gamespot to "endorse" premium content? Danny O'Dwyer is on Giant Bomb premium content. Ditto Mary Kish and Chris Watters. They work in the same office with the same employer. I don't get how it would be weird at all.

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#50 Posted by robsamuel (140 posts) -

@forkboy: You're right. I think what I meant was that I don't expect Gamespot as an entity to take part, even if certain people find time to drop by the couch occasionly.

BLLShows were originally about showcasing premium level content to attract new subscribers, and Gamespot isn't in the same situation as Comic Vine or Tested were in the past. I'm sure Danny will sit on the couch at some point, but I don't think there will be a Gamespot section.