You go on social media to post something, but while writing it you change your mind. How often does this happen to you?

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Posted by DriveupLife (1214 posts) 1 year, 7 months ago

Poll: You go on social media to post something, but while writing it you change your mind. How often does this happen to you? (179 votes)

1 out of 10 times 4%
2 out of 10 times 4%
3 out of 10 times 6%
4 out of 10 times 6%
5 out of 10 times 7%
6 out of 10 times 3%
7 out of 10 times 7%
8 out of 10 times 4%
9 out of 10 times 18%
Every time 11%
Just the Results, Please 28%

This happens to me so often I wanted to see if it happens to other people to. I always think I'll offend someone for something small and insignificant. Does this type of thing happen to you?

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#1 Posted by DriveupLife (1214 posts) -

Just in case anyone is confused, when I say change your mind I mean you end up not posting what you were going to post for one reason or another.

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#2 Posted by TopCat88 (380 posts) -

Unless this counts, I don't post on social media.

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#3 Edited by htr10 (1077 posts) -

...this happens to me less than 1 out of 10 times, which is not an option. I’m amazed at the specificity of the numbers in the poll otherwise. Are people really going to know that this happens to them exactly 6 out of 10 times, not 5 or 7?

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#4 Posted by JPPT1974 (126 posts) -

I have to watch what I write. Knowing that my family or friends could be watching it. It is called being cautious. I could lose friends or even family. It is thinking before posting.

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#5 Edited by Superkenon (1704 posts) -

You'll never know, because I'll change my mind before posting this! Ahahaha!!

Wait, crap. I guess the evidence speaks to the contrary.

Yeah, that does happen to me a lot. Usually when there's some real incendiary comment that makes me want to tell a guy off or at least offer some perspective. But by the time I'm done writing the post I kinda lose steam and decide not to dabble in futility.

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#6 Posted by SethMode (2100 posts) -

On Twitter most definitely almost all the time. I lurk and read more than I care to risk any kind of throw down. Most recently I had things I would have liked to say to Ian Miles Cheong and his ilk over the piece on Waypoint about the cyberpunk trans character, but I just couldn't imagine a scenario where any outcome would be worth it.

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#7 Posted by Slag (8164 posts) -

Just in case anyone is confused, when I say change your mind I mean you end up not posting what you were going to post for one reason or another.

Oh, I thought you meant reverse your opinion when I voted in the poll.

I'd say i never post 1/2- 2/3 of what I start to for one reason or another and about 10-20% in the process of thinking it through I actually change my opinion.

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#8 Edited by Zeik (5240 posts) -

I don't really use "social media", but forums are close enough, and yeah, it happens from time to time. Mostly in regards to me seeing someone say something really stupid and I really want to point out and argue against their stupidity, but then I realize I know exactly the kind of dumb argument that will go nowhere that will result from me saying something, so I stop myself and walk away.

If I've learned anything from the many years I've used the internet, it's that stupid people will not accept their stupidity, no matter how sound your arguments are, so you better feel extremely strongly to willingly smash your head against that wall of stupid.

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#9 Posted by poobumbutt (962 posts) -

@superkenon: exactly my feelings.

A similar one happens to me sometimes when writing an indifferent or even positive comment, where I'll think something like "no one actually cares what I think on the subject. What does it matter?" Or on a less depressing note, "Oh, this is all just the same stuff everyone else is saying."

I honestly got this feeling two sentences into this very post, but thought the irony would be way too bitter, so I decided to follow through.

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#10 Edited by NTM (11904 posts) -

I never post anything on social media really in terms of politics/religion or anything worthy of possible offensiveness. I mostly use social media, like Facebook, as another way to keep up on video games, films, comics or things I'm interested in, in general, and sometimes post there. I'm not sure how many times I reconsider a post in that sense. However, on here, I have written threads or polls with several paragraphs spending 30 minutes to perhaps an hour, and then when I was done, I thought 'never mind' and erased it. Or typed up a comment and decided not to post it. It was never due to it being offensive though.

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#11 Posted by Craigieboy (124 posts) -

@zeik said:

If I've learned anything from the many years I've used the internet, it's that stupid people will not accept their stupidity, no matter how sound your arguments are, so you better feel extremely strongly to willingly smash your head against that wall of stupid.

I remember someone telling me "If you argue with someone stupid, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you on experience".

Been avoiding pointless arguments ever since.

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#12 Posted by Jesus_Phish (3915 posts) -

Similar to others - I never post on social media but I will sometimes write out a response or comment on a forum and then just say to myself "nah" and close the tab before posting it.

I couldn't put a number against it though. Maybe happens about once a week or so.

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#13 Posted by viking_funeral (2881 posts) -

Almost didn't post a response. Stopped the one I was working on before posting this one, because I thought, "Is this shit really worth it?" But I still posted this. I don't know what is real anymore.

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#14 Posted by totsboy (501 posts) -

Quite a lot, I used to post complaining or talking shit about something, but then realized it mostly leads to fruitless arguments, just a waste of time.

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#15 Posted by xkkzz (56 posts) -

Posting process:

Write response. Reread what I wrote. Reread it again. Go back and edit the grammar and wording. Have doubts about how something may be interpreted. Delete response and totally re-write it. Look a word up in the dictionary to make sure it means what I think it does. Reread it again. Refresh the page in case someone else responded in the time it took me to rewrite it. Get distracted and do something else. Find the tab with the response a couple hours later. Close the tab because I don't feel like responding anymore.

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#16 Posted by CaLe (4799 posts) -

I write things sometimes but sometimes I don't write things. I would say it's 24 or 43 percent.

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#17 Posted by picot (16 posts) -

It's not so much about changing my mind, but I tend to always get caught up on my train of thought and end up spending an excessive amount of time trying to phrase my sentence out before eventually deciding not to post it.

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#18 Posted by CreepyUncleBrad (229 posts) -

It happens sometimes, but it is usually halfway through writing I ask myself "Will anyone actually care or is this just the text equivalent of a photo of the food I'm eating?" and decide to not add to the already over-cluttered social media space. Once in awhile its because I reread it and say "Wow I sound like a jackass."

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#19 Edited by WinnieC76 (4 posts) -

It happens to me from time to time. My experience probably nudges me that my post is petty and unnecessary. Or it could be my better senses telling me that I'll regret posting it later on!

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#20 Posted by nutter (2397 posts) -

Social media isn’t worth it. Too many warriors and die hards for whatever the cause. Folks usually would rather yell, scream, and employ confirmation bias than talk with someone with another opinion and maybe learn a thing or two.

Anyhow, I quit. Too much negativity bogged me down.

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#21 Posted by ajamafalous (13821 posts) -

Depends, really.

Twitter: almost never; I feel totally fine tweeting "what was that play call" or "lol zerglings" completely devoid of context because twitter has a weird dichotomy where it both matters a ton to our society but also can matter very little
These forums?: I probably only post 1 or 2 times for every 10 threads that I read that I actively have an opinion on and start writing out a response to; often I'll get a few sentences in and think either a) I'm not really adding anything important here, so who would care enough to read it, or b) my thoughts on this subject are important enough that I would want to actually spend a decent amount of time writing a detailed response, and that usually ends up meaning that I keep the tab open and half-finished until I rediscover it days later (and by that point the moment's passed) or have to close my browser because PUBG still runs like ass if I have anything else open

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#22 Posted by AlisterCat (8103 posts) -

You can use this as a therapeutic tool. Often I write a post on here and then just close the tab.

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#23 Edited by mattoncybertron (404 posts) -

I write and post almost exclusively dumb shit on my twitter and I try to ignore as much of the evil shit there that I can instead of getting baited in.

I try really hard to keep it cool on here and reddit too. I'm not too keen replying with bullshit fuel to a bullshit fire, looking at my typed comment almost always helps me walk back my anger at a dumb thing to be angry at, generally if I don't have some insight or something different to say about stuff I lean towards not commenting at all.

actually I make lots of silly comments here and try to thank the guys for pretty much every vid on here I enjoy

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#24 Posted by BBAlpert (2921 posts) -

Not often enough, to be honest.

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#25 Posted by Ericjasonwade (377 posts) -

Came in here to say I don't post on social media then I realized this is probably social media.

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#26 Posted by glots (4422 posts) -

If forums count, sure. More than enough times I’ve seen hateful/idiotic comments that I want to response to, but usually realize in time that it’d be pointless. Those few times when I actually do end up posting, I’ll often regret it right away still.

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#27 Posted by cikame (2952 posts) -

I don't use social media, unless comments and forum posts count, i don't tend to make my own topics instead making thoughtful responses, i don't change my mind once i've started typing but what does happen is that after posting a carefully thought out response, i'm most of the time met with half baked insults, i don't really care about replies as much as sharing my opinion and sometimes i delete my post if too many people can't control themselves.

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#28 Posted by Bollard (8186 posts) -

I regularly write replies to people, or threads, on this forum and then just close the tab before hitting post. Occasionally do it with tweets too, but less often.

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#29 Posted by DrFlapjack (373 posts) -

Less than 1 out of 10? There's a lot of negativity in the world so I always try to keep my tweets positive when interacting with people.

If someone posts something that annoys me I ignore it instead of trying to start shit. It's extra motivation to assume a potential future employer will search past tweets.

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#30 Edited by BaneFireLord (3571 posts) -

Often enough that I no longer post on most social media. A big part of it is I really dislike getting into internet arguments. They’re so unproductive and invariably give me low-key anxiety for no obvious reason. I enjoy a good face-to-face argument but something about the anonymity and the ease of derailment/trolling in online debates puts me on edge.

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#31 Posted by Y2Ken (2987 posts) -

About 20% of the time I think, "no that's too much" or I'll write something and then see it and think it's a bit too spicy for my feed.

It kinda double sucks that now with Twitter I have to also consider that with likes as well as RTs, but I'll still sometimes 'like' stuff that I wouldn't RT. If it shows up in someone else's feed, blame the Twitter algorithms.

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#32 Posted by CaptainCyber (3 posts) -


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#33 Posted by StarvingGamer (11518 posts) -

0/10? Infrequent enough that I can't recall a single instance of it. The closest I come to this is when something IRL pulls me away and the moment is lost by the time I get back so I don't bother to finish forming a post.

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#35 Posted by sodapop7 (660 posts) -

My urge to prove someone wrong is usually strong enough to write something, but rarely strong enough to actually post it.