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    Fulgore is a cyborg that is part of a cybernetic project developed by Ultratech.

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    Full Name: Fulgore MK.1 
    Height: 6'5" 
    Weight: 560 
    Age: 1


    Fulgore is the latest Ultratech creation and the first in a planned series of cybersoldiers. To prove the prototype's worth, it is entered into the Killer Instinct tournament with orders to destroy all opposition. Once the test is complete, mass production will begin.
    Fulgore is eventually destroyed by Jago during the course of the tournament. However, after the time jump activated by Eyedol's defeat, a more advanced and deadly version of Fulgore is released, but with one goal in mind: find and kill Jago.
    Depending on if you kill Jago and/or B. Orchid during Killer Instinct 2, his story changes. If you kill both Jago and B. Orchid, after defeating Gargos, Fulgore takes control of Ultratech, builds a robotic army, and plans to conquer the world. Leaving just B. Orchid alive means she will eventually travel back to the future and send back a strike force to destroy Fulgore and the remains of Ultratech. Leaving just Jago alive leads to Jago taking on Fulgore's army to decide the world's future. And leaving both alive means after he takes control of Ultratech, Jago and B. Orchid arrive and destroy him.

    Move List (Killer Inctinct)

    1. Energy Bolt: Quarter Circle Foward Punch (Projectile)
    2. Energy Bolts (x2): Back, Back, Quarter Circle Foward Punch (Projectile)  
    3. Energy Bolts (x3): Foward, Back, Back, Quarter Circle Foward Punch (Projectile) 
    4. Flying Uppercut: Foward, Down, DownFoward Punch (Anti-Air)
    5. Reflect Shield: Quarter Circle Back Punch (Reflects Projectiles)
    6. Teleport Front: Back, Quarter Circle Back Punch (Teleports in front of Opponent)
    7. Teleport Behind: Back, Quarter Circle Back Kick (Teleports behind Opponent)
    8. Claw Charge: Charge Back, Foward Kick (Auto-Combo Starter)
    9. Eye Laser: DownFoward, Down, Back Hard Kick (Auto-Combo Starter, Combo Stringer)
    Combo Breaker 
    • Foward, Quarter Circle Foward Punch 

    • Eye Laser (Half Circle Back Hard Punch) 
    • Machine Gun (Half Circle Foward Hard Kick) 
    • Humiliation: Half Circle Foward Medium Kick
    • Ultimate: DownFoward, Down, DownBack Medium Punch 
    • Ultra Combo: Forward, Quarter Circle Foward Light Punch 

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