Fuligan Soulstone of Innoruuk

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    Fuligan Soulstones of Innoruuk are a required reagent in order for a wizard to teleport into the Plane of Hate.

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    For sale in Neriak
    For sale in Neriak
    These stones were first discovered by the goblins that tunneled into the mines beneath High Keep. A dark elf ambassador in High Pass learned of the discovery and brought one back to Neriak. This led to the dark elves attempting to capture the keep in a war known as Bloody Kithicor. In this legendary battle, Firiona Vie successfully defeated Lanys T'Vyl, the daughter of Innoruuk.  Lanys' mentor, Laarthik V'Shin, used the stone to summon the god of hate, Innoruuk himself, in order to save her. Whether he knew it would happen beforehand or not, Laarthik sacrificed himself in the summoning as his body was immediately engulfed in flames. Innoruuk's intervention in the mortal realm left a rift between Norrath and his realm, the Plane of Hate. Adept wizards of the time were soon able to use the stones as a catalyst to teleport themselves and others into the Plane of Hate.  

    Where to Find

    ZoneNPC TypeNPC NameDetails
    Neriak Third GateMerchantDvis Zexus In the Spires of Innoruuk (cleric guild).
    Guild HallMerchantZeflmin Werlikanin  

    Other Info

    • When casting the spell Identify on this item, it is described as "A sliver of stone upon which Innoruuk once trod ."

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