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    Plane of Hate

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    The Plane of Hate is the realm of Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate.

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    The Maestro of Rancor
    The Maestro of Rancor

    Plane of Hate is home to the creator of the dark elves, the Prince of Hate, Innoruuk. There is not an entrance to this plane from anywhere upon Norrath. A skilled wizard must cast a spell with the aid of special stone only available from the chruch in Neriak in order take a group of adventurers to the realm of hate. This was made possible by Innoruuk himself, although he may not have known it would be a consequence of his own actions. During the Age of Turmoil, a legion of dark elves and trolls attempted to capture High Pass, which was an important stop in the trade route between Qeynos and Freeport. Innoruuk had sent his own daughter, Lanys T'Vyl, to lead this legion in their assault. High Pass was defended by the champion of Tunare, Firiona Vie, and an army of humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings. The side of good prevailed in this battle, but not before a mighty dark elf summoned the presence of Innoruuk to intervene. By stepping out of the Plane of Hate and into the world of Norrath to save his daughter, the Prince of Hate had left an unsealable rift that would allow passage to and from his realm. It was not long before the wizards of Norrath discovered a means of transporting themselves and others to the astral Plane of Hate.

    Ashenbone Drakes
    Ashenbone Drakes

    Most of those brave enough to assault the plane will coordinate the efforts of several wizards in order to bring a small army of adventurers into the realm. Dark elves often speak of wanting to enter the plane to pay homage to their Father, but no visitors are welcome here, regardless of their race, class, or deity. Innoruuk's minions only offer spite and malevolence to those not invited to the realm. The inhabitants of Hate include a legion of dark elf warriors and clerics hand picked by Innoruuk himself. Also calling this plane home are an assortment of ghouls, vampires, gargoyles, and even undead dragons. Much like the Plane of Fear, slaying the denizens of Hate will gain many members of the assault new class-based armor that is unmatched in the material realm of Norrath. These rare and powerful items are what draw mortal men and women of all races to Innoruuk's plane despite its dangers. The plane itself is like a massive city of unorganized streets and buildings set in such a way to confuse invaders. In a large structure to the northeast resides the Maestro of Rancor, a villain of such great power he is only rivaled by Innoruuk himself. Innoruuk himself rules the plane from the upper levels of the metropolis. The Prince of Hate appears to mortals as a towering, withered, troll-like man with indigo colored hands and feet.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Inhabitants of Hate


    Inhabitants of Hate
    Inhabitants of Hate


    Notable NPCs

    The Prince of Hate
    The Prince of Hate
    • Arcanist V`Gimis
    • Arch Lich T`Vaxok
    • Archon G`Uvin
    • Ashenbrone Broodmaster
    • Assassin Z`Jrix
    • Avatar of Abhorrence
    • Coercer T`vala
    • Corrupter of Life
    • The Deathrot Knight
    • Dread Knight T`Kamax
    • Dreadlord M`Noxin
    • Evangelist of Hate
    • Evangelist W`Rixxus
    • Grandmaster H`Qilm
    • Grandmaster R`Tal
    • Grim Abhorrent
    • Kaltik
    • Hand of the Maestro
    • Innoruuk
    • Lord of Fury
    • Lord of Ire
    • Lord of Loathing
    • Maestro of Rancor
    • Magi P`Tasa
    • Master D`Samni
    • Master of Spite
    • Master of Vengeance
    • Mistress A`Zara
    • Mistress of Malevolence
    • Mistress of Scorn
    • Overlord R`Gahbsa
    • Sorcerer C`Gazin
    • Spy Master I`Kavin
    • Templar J`Rosix
    • Thought Destroyer
    • Vicar M`Kari
    • Warlock J`Rath
    • Warlord E`Prosio

    Notable Items

    Plane of Hate (Original)
    Plane of Hate (Original)
    • Abjurer's Earring
    • Accursed Pantaloons
    • Anathema
    • Apothic Armor (Magicians)
    • Arcane Robe of Hatred
    • Armguard of Dark Curses
    • Ashenbone Abbasi
    • Ashenbone Axe
    • Ashenbone Shield
    • Balanced Tonfa of Serenity
    • Band of Discipline
    • Beacon of Loathing
    • Blood Steel Breastplate
    • Blood Sword of Hate
    • Bloodmoon
    • Bloody Mask of Fury
    • Brewer's Mesh Cloak
    • Brilliant Shield of Integrity
    • Cloak of Scales
    • Cloak of the Assassin
    • Composer's Repository
    • Constricting Cuirass
    • Corrupted Valorium Armband
    • Corrupted Valorium Bracer
    • Cracked Bone Ornament
    • Cracked Bone Shinguards
    • Crown of Hatred
    • Culler Dark Runed Pauldron
    • Darkbrood Mask
    • Darkfelt Noose
    • Darkfelt Robes
    • Darkmetal Holy Water Sprinkler
    • Decrepit Hide
    • Diabolic Steel Bracer
    • Diamond Rod
    • Dread Silk Cap
    • Earring of Eternal Alacrity
    • Etched Bone Spike
    • Ethereal Mist Armor (Clerics)
    • Eye of Innoruuk
    • Gardash Gauntlets of Dark Tidings
    • Gilded Cord of the Chosen
    • Golden Wand of Blood Magic
    • Hammer of Wickedness
    • Hate's Edge Healer's Earring
    • Holy Writ of the Devout
    • Hotof's Bracer
    • Icebelt
    • Imbrued Platemail (Bards)
    • Indicolite Armor (Warriors)
    • Infernal Shroud of Wickedness
    • Insidious Armor (Enchanters)
    • Insidious Twisted Cord
    • Leatherfoot Sandals
    • Legionnaire Scale Armor (Iksar Warriors)
    • Malignant Necklace
    • Manual of Malady Marrow's Song
    • Martune Rapier
    • Nightgrowth Blade
    • Paradisal Tunic of Faith
    • Pauldrons of Power
    • Platinum Ring of the Chosen
    • Primeval Leggings of Madness
    • Prismatic Shield
    • Ragged Felt Cloak
    • Rakusha Cloak
    • Resplendent Gloves of Purity
    • Revultant Whip
    • Righteous Armor
    • Ring of Depravity
    • Ring of Pureblood
    • Rod of Infinite Thought
    • Rune Etched Armor (Shaman)
    • Rusted Wicked Faceguard
    • Scaled Hierophant Armor (Iksar Shaman)
    • Shawl of Celestial Power
    • Shrieking Ahlspiess
    • Shield of the Immaculate
    • Shield of the Stalwart Seas
    • Shining Shield of Divinity
    • Signet of Betrayal
    • Silver Blade of Rot
    • Silver Earring of the Chosen
    • Sode of Empowerment
    • Songshawl
    • Sparkling Necklace of the Chosen
    • Spiritguard Spitestone Shield
    • Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth
    • Staff of Elemental Mastery: Fire
    • Sunderfury
    • Tallow-smeared Crown
    • Teir'Dal Sai
    • Theologian Claymore
    • Trueheart Shield
    • Truesight Hammer
    • Tunarian Scimitar
    • Twelve Tone Earstone
    • Untamed Armor
    • Vexthorne
    • Vile Runed Belt
    • Wand of Swiftness
    • Woven Flesh Necklace
    • Woven Shadow Armor (Rogues)
    • Wretched Vine Ring

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