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The Game of Game of Thrones 0

Information, misinformation, strength, gold, power, lineage, loyalty, subterfuge, diplomacy, betrayal, death – these are the mechanisms in the machine that construct the game of power. If you win the game, then you can sit on the Iron Throne. Often the forces at the heart of the game of power effect many, some don’t know they’re playing and some are willing participants, but everyone is a gear in The Game of Thrones machine whether they know it or not. If you ever wanted to be an interactive par...

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Dark, Gritty Role Playing 0

Although it's a lower budget and less polished spiritual cousin to past Bioware RPGs, Game of Thrones is an enjoyable experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the lore and atmosphere of "A Song of Ice and Fire."While having seen the show or read the books is by no means a prerequisite to enjoying the game, existing fans will almost definitely like it better and have an easier time sinking into the setting, with many of the locations and background characters already being familia...

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Absurdly bum rap. 0

This game is not worth 65 dollars. I don't mean to put the game down too harshly, as you can see from the amount of stars I gave it. There was a LOT of great stuff put into it, and I can see where they are coming from trying to pass it off as a full priced retail game, but this definitely should not be a full priced retail game. If you read nothing else in this review, at least wait a bit for the price to come down before you pick this up.That said, I think quite often it becomes a kind of popul...

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What a Disappointment 1

George R.R Martin's epic series and one of the few watchable HBO original programs in years seems like a Godsend for video gaming. A tale of betrayal, violence, and more than a wee bit of boning could easily be another Mass Effect level game. And there were hopes that not-well-known developer Cyanide Games could produce a game that matches the scope of the novels.They failed. Miserably.On the positive side, the writing is pretty good. The story is interesting on paper. And if the game was also p...

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