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Yoshi moonlights as a taste-tester.
Yoshi moonlights as a taste-tester.
Game & Watch Gallery 3 is the third collection of Game & Watch games released by Nintendo. It contains both "Modern" versions of games which are updated with new gameplay features and the addition of Mario characters, and the "Classic" versions which are exactly as they were when they were released on the original LCD systems. It also contains five hidden games which are only available in classic modes, and one previously unreleased version of "Fire" which runs from right to left instead of from left to right. To unlock new things, you have to collect stars. Normally you collect stars for every 200 points you collect in a game. However, some games have different rules for giving out stars.



Modern - Catch the cookies with Yoshi's tongue before they fall. The cookies bake as they approach the end of the platforms. The more cooked they are, the more points they are worth.

Classic - You, the wolf, must catch all the eggs that the hens are laying in a basket.


Modern - Defeat the monkeys and Fly Guys with watermelon seeds before they crush Yoshi's plants. If Yoshi collects enough of the watermelons that appear on screen, he will be able to breathe fire for a few seconds

Classic - Spray pesticide on the bugs to keep the greenhouse plants safe.

Turtle Bridge

Modern - Toad must cross the bridge made out of seagulls to take an item from Mario to Peach. Watch out because occasionally the seagulls will leave their positions.

Classic - Cross the bridge made of turtles to deliver a package.

Mario Bros.

Modern - Move the cakes up the line of conveyor belts to Wario's truck. You control both Mario and Luigi at the same time. If Bowser stomps on the platform he is standing on, the conveyor belts will reverse themselves, and either Mario or Luigi must flip a switch to get them moving in the right direction again.

Classic - Move the parts up the conveyor belts.

Donkey Kong Jr.

Modern - Guide Donkey Kong Jr. through three different stages to rescue Donkey Kong from Mario. A key must be collected every time to open the cage that is holding Donkey Kong prisoner.

Classic - Collect the key and make it to Donkey Kong's cage four times to free him.

Hidden Games


Game A - Repeat the pattern that the flagman shows you by pressing the directional buttons.

Game B - Repeat the flag that the flagman shows you before time runs out.


Game A - Wait until the countdown finishes and both characters will hold up a sign with a number on it. If the number your character holds up is higher, hit the opposing judge with your hammer to score a point. If it is lower, run away before he hits you.

Game B - A two-player version of Game A


Game A - Keep the Lions in their cages by controlling two zookeepers that are carrying chairs with them.

Game B - There are now three lions instead of two.

Spit Ball Sparky

Control Sparky as he keeps spitting the ball back towards the blocks at the top of the screen. Break all of the blocks to clear the level and move on.

Donkey Kong II

Another version of Donkey Kong Jr. Collect the keys to free Donkey Kong from Mario.

The Gallery Corner

The Gallery Corner contains things like a noteboard where you can read all of the hits you have recived pertaining to the games you have already played and a Sound Test room. It also contains a Museum where you can learn things about previously released Game & Watch games and see them in action.


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