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    Genis Sage

    Character » appears in 8 games

    Genis Sage long time friend of Lloyd Irving and Colette Brunel. Genis is a runaway half-elf with his older sister Raine Sage. Genis has vowed to go with Lloyd wherever he went.

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    A genius half-elf raised in the town of Iselia, Genis ran away with his older sister Raine Sage when he was just a child as half-elves are not wanted in the world and are despised as the lowest of the low. Genis is 12 years old and not very tall at all, but is still probably the most powerful magic user later in the game.

    Weapons and Skills

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    Genis probably has the oddest type of weapon in the game, called a Kendama As such, Genis' strengths lay in his magic abilities.

    Other magic users such as Kratos or Zelos are only back up magic users. Genis on the other hand can cast skills such as Meteor storm and many more high-level spells. Genis usually sticks to the back and can throw damage dealing attacks at one opponent or if all opponents are together can hit them with a spell that can deal large AoE damage (Area of Effect). Also his skills come in handy when it comes to elements. The first real seal boss players fight is a fire-based type. A character will in fact find out the opponent's weakness by switching up attacks, and when they find their weakness to an element they use more of that type.


    One of the later skills called Raging Mist
    One of the later skills called Raging Mist

    Genis' relationships are with his older sister and with Lloyd and Colette. Since they have been friends for the longest time, they have made one of the largest bonds in a game that there could be. Genis would give his life as long as Lloyd would be alright. Just before the last battle in the game Genis and Raine were trapped looking into a mirror seeing their parents and remembering how the humans discriminated them. Lloyd comes and helps Genis.

    He remembers that his friends are humans and elves and that not all people are terrible inside. Genis also has a large crush on Presea Combatir, but she doesn't seem to return his feelings.


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