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Sheena is a ninja sent to Sylvarant by the pope of Tethe'ella to kill the chosen of their world, Lloyd and friends meet her many times as they continue their journey of world regeneration, it is only when a town is destroyed and an injured Sheena wanting to get revenge on the Desians is how she joined the party. In Tethe'alla Sheena ventured to the temple of lightning to make a pact with the spirit Volt, not being to understand what Volt could say (Volt not wanting another master after being betrayed by his last summoner) Volt went on a rampage killing half the citizens of Sheena's village Mizuho, the chieftain of Mizuho was put into a coma causing great turmoil for the first half of the game with Sheena.

Weapons and Skills

Sheena battles with specially marked cards that come in a variety of types, Sheena is probably the best replacement once Kratos leaves allowing another good Damage Dealer to come in to take the place since Raine will already be adept at healing, Sheena is also used many times during late in the game once you have to get the summons from each of the seals so having her in the party and levelling up on a better basis is probably the best thing.

Sheena's skills come with a variety of combo's some skills like Pyre seal with blow the enemy away sometimes while Pision Power Seal will hold them for a second before sending them away, which is especially beneficial for when facing bosses with a high casting ability. Most of the cards she attains early on come with a element as well as her skills allowing her to form a element with a party's weapon, once she gains the additions of summons she will be able to make summons, however they can only be called upon when she is currently in the Overlimit mode.

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