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Being the boss of the Liberty City Irish Mob, Gerry McReary gives orders to his younger brother Packie, who then passes them on to everyone else in the organization.  Angry at the fact that the McRearys are forced to do dirty work for the Italian Mob, Gerry is initially distrusting of Niko, because he is not Irish.  After Niko pulls off the epic bank heist with Gerry and Packie, Gerry starts trusting Niko and allows him to do more dangerous missions.  Eventually Gerry tasks Niko with doing missions that help his employer Jimmy Pegorino, but also prove that the McRearys still have power in the city.  During the course of the game, he is arrested on charges that include armed robbery and racketeering. 
Eventually he trusts Niko to watch over his family while he is in prison.  Regardless of the fact that he is in Prison, he is able to give Niko orders through cleverly worded messages.  One such order includes kidnapping Gracie Ancelotti, in order to have a bargaining chip to get Ray Boccinos diamonds back from the Ancelotti family.  Gerry thinks that he will be in prison for a long time, while Packie believes the charges will soon be dropped.

Gerald McReary Related Missions

  • Actions Speak Louder than Words
  • I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots And Your Motorcycle
  • I'll Take Her...
  • She's a Keeper
  • Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

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