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Granblue Fantasy: Versus is a 2.5D high-fantasy fighting game developed by Arc System Works and published by Cygames for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 6, 2020. It will be released by XSEED in North America on March 3, 2020 and by Marvelous in Europe sometime in 2020.

A spin-off of the mobile RPG Granblue Fantasy, Versus brings the game's characters and setting into a traditional fighting game reminiscent of the studio's Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series. Similar to Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- and Dragon Ball FighterZ, Versus uses the technique of specialized cel-shading and limited animation in Unreal Engine 4 to give the illusion of 2D hand-drawn character art.

One of the key features of the game is its cooldown-based "Skill" system, where each character's special moves can be performed simply by holding down one shortcut button (the Skill button) and tapping the joystick a specific direction. Traditional command inputs can be used instead, sacrificing simplicity for a shortened cooldown. Shortcuts can also be used with the game's super moves (or "Skybound Arts").

In addition to the standard fighting game mode (Battle Mode), Versus features a unique campaign mode (RPG Mode) that allows up to two players to fight against waves of enemies (while upgrading and customizing their weapons and skills) in an action-RPG platformer style.


The base game includes 11 playable characters, with additional characters available as DLC.

  • Gran - Granblue Fantasy's default male protagonist, Captain of the Grandcypher and newly-minted skyfarer. He wields a standard sword, but can call upon Lyria's power with some special attacks.
  • Katalina - Former Lieutenant of the Erste Empire who was charged with guarding Lyria, but helped her escape. She wields a rapier.
  • Charlotta - the Harvin leader of the Order of Holy Knights with an inferiority complex about her short size, she often stands on top of boxes to appear taller. Wields a great sabre bigger than herself.
  • Lancelot - Captain of the Order of the White Dragons. He wields a pair of short swords imbued with the ice element.
  • Percival - A noble knight, former commander of the Black Dragons who left his post to help the weak and downtrodden. He wields a giant sword imbued with fire.
  • Ferry - An Erune ghost who has recently come to terms with her deceased sister thanks to The Captain and their friends. She uses a whip and calls upon her ghost friends to help in battle.
  • Lowain - A young, free-spirited Erune who became smitten with Katalina at first sight. He convinced The Captain to let him and his friends (Elsam and Tomoi) join the Grandcypher as cooks, but spends just as much time dreaming up ways to win Katalina's heart. Lowain wields a pair of daggers in combat, but can also call upon his friends to fight with him.
  • Ladiva - The muscular wrestler full of love for everyone, she takes on all comers as a duelist in the Jewel Resort casino. Ladiva uses her pro-wrestling skills in combat.
  • Metera - A flighty Erune archer who wields a magic bow and can magically fly through the air.
  • Zeta - A stubborn human soldier for The Society, a secretive group dedicated to fighting the Primal Beasts and related supernatural threats against the Skydom, who wields the Spear of Arvess.
  • Vaseraga - A Draph soldier who is rarely seen outside of his armor and wields his Great Scythe, Grynoth, to intimidate or destroy his enemies with his massive strength. Like Zeta, he also works for The Society.
  • Chaos Bringer (final boss) - The ultimate antagonist of GBVS, an Astral being who seeks to stand above all creation. Will be made playable in March 2020, and will be unlocked for play by either completing RPG Mode or owning the DLC pack.

Downloadable Characters

  • Narmaya - A Draph swordmaster who joined the Grandcypher crew after The Captain praised her skills. She constantly seeks validation and trains herself every day to earn the favor of the distant swordmaster relative who trained her. Players can switch between her two stances (Dawnfly and Freeflutter) to use different skills. Will be added on March 2020.
  • Soriz - An old, muscular melee fighter who regularly smashes rocks with his fists as part of his training. Will be added on April 2020.
  • Djeeta - Granblue Fantasy's default female protagonist, Captain of the Grandcypher and newly-minted skyfarer. She wields a standard sword, but can call upon Lyria's power with some special attacks. Will be added on April 2020.
  • Belial - Primal Beast and self-proclaimed Fallen Angel who sparked the Primal Beasts' rebellion that led to the original War in the Sky Realm.

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