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Grind Session is a skateboarding game developed by Shaba Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment on April 29, 2000 exclusively for the PlayStation. It was developed as a console-exclusive competitor to the then-extremely popular Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. The game was grounded in more realistic physics, featured a host of real-world parks and the original concept of "trick lines". The trick lines in the game were similar to the gaps in the Tony Hawk games, except the trick lines gained you "respect", the game's progression system. Respect is what unlocks levels. The game was received by critics with an average-to-good response but, commercially, wasn't as big a seller as Sony had hoped. The game was criticized for it's limited re-playability and extremely short list of pro skaters.

The developer, Shaba Games, went on to develop the PlayStation entries of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 and 4 in collaboration with Neversoft.

Pro Skaters

  • Willy Santos
  • Daewon Song
  • Ed Templeton
  • Cara-beth Burnside
  • Pigpen
  • John Cardiel

Secret Skaters

Grind Session had a large cast of interesting secret characters. Each secret character was unlocked by unlocking the photo shoot and getting 8000 points in one trick.

Pro SkaterSecret CharacterDescription
Willy SantosSkatora Robot
Cara-BethHangmana chalk drawn stick man
Ed TempletonDemona demon
John CardielStanleyan green alien with a large head and black eyes
Daewon SongRexa Tyrannosaurus Rex
PigpenDave CarnieEditor in Chief of Big Brother Magazine
Male CustomStingerHumanoid Beeman
Female CustomGolgothaHuman like monster


Training Level

Da Banks (NYC)

S.F. Mission


Slam City Jam


Playstation Park London





In the Mind Of A Bourgeois Reader - Sonic Youth

Linoleum - NOFX

Galaxie Express - Cornelius

Rise Above - Black Flag

Blue Flowers (Technical Difficulties) - Dr. Octagon

Publicity - GZA

Jayou - Jurassic

Out For Fame - KRS-one

Man or Astro-man? - Television Fission

Raida's Theme - The X-ecutioners

Empty Heart - Zen Guerrilla


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