Guitar Hero 5

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Sep 01, 2009

    The fifth game in the core Guitar Hero franchise, and the third in the series from Activision and Neversoft. Though the game goes by the Guitar Hero moniker, it features full-band gameplay like its predecessor, Guitar Hero World Tour.

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    Best guitar hero since the first one 3

    First I'm not going to go into the gameplay much because its a guitar hero game you know how it works.   The graphics in this game are the best of any rhythm game to date. it really has a matured and realistic look to it now, compared to a more cartoonish look of the past titles. The camera on the band members is very atmospheric, the way it captures each members movements for their instruments and style. The way the camera shoots the stage, crowd and venue in whole makes it much more like a li...

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    Serioiusly. C'mon already. 6

    I dropped by a friend's to play Guitar Hero 5 the other day. It's been a long time since I touched the plastic fender stratocaster but I was looking forward to playing some Stones on a saturday.  Picking up my 'Axe' we scrolled through our choices.  Coldplay The killers. Bob Dylan.  WTF. C'mon. Are we reaching the bottom of the barrel for artists with sweet guitar tunes. Coldplay? Practice? We talking about Practice? (AI reference).  The execution is great.  The presentation, graphics are all ju...

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    Good fun, but lacking that special something 1

    When Guitar Hero 5 works right, it's a great experience. When it doesn't, well, you better buckle up for some frustration.  Guitar Hero 5, as you may have heard, is a rhythm game. Surely enough rhythm games have been released by now for people to have certain expectations about them. For example, a clean, decipherable user interface, good song selection, nice graphics, and the ability to hit the notes on the screen. Of these four examples, Guitar Hero 5 fails at three of them: the UI, the note-t...

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    Unimproved and unimpressive 0

     Here we are in the early fall of 2009; a season geared up with a ton of eagerly anticipated releases. But of course, can the fall go by without another main entry in the Guitar Hero franchise? By the mere fact that Guitar Hero 5 (GH5) is out the answer is clearly an "Absolutely not!" from Activision, and apparently they don't care much about how the game turns out as long as they gain oodles of money from it. Now don't take me wrong, because that's not to say that GH5 is a bad game. Actually it...

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    Let's stop playing the "Enabler" 0

    First off I just want to say, I love the GH series.  Furthermore, I do like this game.  The problem is, I am tired of enabling these companies.  This is the series that among all games should be made into direct download games.  Stop with the discs.  I can't play half the songs I wanted to play from GHWT even after purchasing a license.  Very aggravated that my Ozzy songs are not playable.  VERY!  Even more than that, I am getting the free Van Halen game thanks to the promo, with no word on if T...

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    Breathing life into a tired franchise. 0

    I can't quite put my finger on it.  By all rights, Guitar Hero 5 can't really be all that different from World Tour, can it?  Yet, the small tweaks and improvements have gone a long way to making this entry in the series seem fresh.  The greatest addition has to be Party Play mode, which makes it incredibly easy to just start playing the game.  No menu navigation or arguing over song selection.  Simply grab an instrument and play.  Another great addition are the song-specific challenges.  These ...

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    Jack in a box. 0

    Hadn't bought one of these since Guitar Hero 3. Felt like it was time to give the genre a try again. What I was actually interested in purchasing was Rock Band 2, but there's no RB2 guitar bundle here in Europe because something. Was looking at World Tour for €60, but the latest GH guitar, GH5 and World Tour for €90 sounded enticing as I clicked the pre-order button.Turns out there's no GH5 guitar bundle in Europe either. What Activision has done is attempt to get rid of their stock of plastic W...

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