Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 28, 2000

    An FPS/Mecha game that takes place during the One Year War's Australia campaign in the year U.C. 0079. One of the few gundam games that has an original story instead of following the plot of a Gundam anime, OVA or movie.

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    January, UC 0079

    The Space colony Side 3 declares itself the Duchy of Zeon and begins a war of independence against the Earth Federation government. As hostilities commence, the Zeon Army carries out Operation British, dropping a Space Colony onto Earth. Its target is Jabrow, the Earth Federation Army's stronghold in South America.

    Due to desperate resistance by the Earth Federation Army, the colony disintegrates in the skies over Saudi Arabia after it enters the Earth's atmosphere. The drop onto Jabrow is prevented but the leading edge of the enormous colony falls on Sidney Australia, transforming the city into an enormous bay.

    The Zeon Army, which doesn't have the resources to sustain a protracted conflict because it is a space colony state, anticipates a lengthening of the war after the failure of Operation British. They immediately begin a series of Drop Operations to secure resources, and rapidly occupy two thirds of the Earth's surface.

    the Zeon Army invades Australia, hardest hit by Operation British, in order to secure its abundant subterranean resources. The Federation Army in Australia, having suffered a crushing blow, doesn't appear to stand a chance.

    11 months after the beginning of the war, the Earth Federation government launches a massive counteroffensive in Europe called Operation Odessa and is victorious. Due to the success of Operation Odessa, the military balance on Earth begins to shift significantly in favor of the Federation Army, and counteroffensives commence all over the globe. Even in Australia, still recovering from the devestation of Operation British, a counteroffensive is about to begin...


    11-22-UC 0079. In Australia, hard hit by the fallen colony, a Federation Army counteroffensive begins. Three main combat units simultaneously attack three key locations, in the hope of using them as springboards to seize control of the entire continent. A newly commissioned MS team known as White Dingo provides guerilla support for these main combat units. Working under the direct command of Stanley Hawkins (Earth Federation Army Commander, Australia Front), White Dingo patrols the high-risk region between the battle lines, preparing the way for victory.

    Federation MS Team White Dingo

    • Master Pierce Rayer: White Dingo leader and mobile suit pilot, formerly a fighter pilot. Competent and cunning, the unit's confidence in him is high. During combat, he is called FANG 1. This is the character controlled by the player for the duration of the game.
            Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
            Age:late 20s
    • Stanley Hawkins: Comes from a military family and is considered able but cautious, leading some among the Federation elite to question his mettle. However, he is friendly to his men, and their confidence in him is high.
    • Leung Lee-Fai: Leung responds to every challenge with a cool head. A mobile suit pilot, he was formerly a tank driver. During combat he is called FANG 2.
            Age:late 20s
    • Maximilian Berger: Thinker, lover, and connoisseur, left the military band to become a mobile suit pilot when tests showed high aptitude. In combat called FANG 3.
            Age:mid 20s
    • Anita Julianne: A spirited and passionate woman commanding the unit's hover truck OASIS. Superb hearing equips her for combat radar reconnaissance.
            Rank:Chief Petty Officer
            Age:mid 20s
    • Bob Rock: A mechanic of unsurpassed skill, Bob is popular with the pilots for the wisdom of his pre-mission advice. The default mobile suit and equipment selections for FANG 1, 2, and 3 are decided by Bob.
            Rank:Chief Mechanic
            Age:late 40s

    Notable Zeon Opposition

    • Visch Donahue: Known as Wild Thunder, his specialty is the mobile attack. Said to fight twice as long and destroy three times the enemy as any team member, he is the main character's rival.
            Rank:1st Lieutenant(group leader, Zeon Forces)
            Age:early 30s
    • Walter Curtis: A warrior with a strict code of conduct and a strong sense of justice, he believes this war is a Holy War, and vigorously opposes looting and involving civilians.
            Rank:Lt. Colonel(Commander, Zeon Forces)
            Age:late 40s

    Mobile Suits

    Mobile suits, the backbone of the Federation Army, are piloted by the members of White Dingo. The GM and GM cannon are mass-production models, but they compare favorably to Zeon mobile suits. Each field member of White Dingo participating in a mission must be assigned a mobile suit. The ideal choice can be determined by both the pilot's style and the mission parameters. Initially these are the only two suits available to the player.

    • Model Name: GM
            Model Number: RGM-79
            Specs: total height - 18.0 m
                          dry weight - 41.2 t
            fixed weapons:60mm head-mounted Vulcan x2
                                       beam saber
            description: A simplified, mass production version of the Gundam developed for hand-to-hand combat. Rolled out immediately before the battle of Jabrow, and large numbers were sent into subsequent battles. The internal construction of the suits piloted by the main characters, the White Dingo, has been customized for ground combat.

    • Model Name: GM Cannon
            Model Number: GRC-80
            Specs: total height - 17.8 m
                          dry weight - 49.9 t
            fixed weapons:60mm head-mounted vulcan x2
                                       beam saber
                                       240mm shoulder-mounted cannon
            description: Redesign of the RGM-79 for bombardment use. Equipped with a 240mm cannon on its right shoulder, and has reinforced armor. Because its primary duty is mid-range support attacks, it is not suited for hand-to-hand combat.

    Once a mobile suit is chosen, a pilot must decide what weapons to take for a mission. Each suit can carry one primary weapon, a shield, and a special weapon in addition to any fixed weapons on their chosen suit. These are the basic options available.
    • 60mm Vulcan(fixed weapon): Due to low accuracy and scattered fire pattern, most effective at strafing ground targets. Single shots do light damage, but it can be fired continuously. The weapon can become temporarily unusable due to barrel heat, but it has unlimited ammo.
    • 100mm Machine Gun(primary weapon): Multi-purpose weapon, easy to use, effective in any mission. One shell doesn't cause much damage, but it can be fired continuously. Ammo is unlimited, but after a set number of shots the magazine must be changed which takes a little time.
    • Rocket Launcher(primary weapon): Detonated by proximity fuse, inflicts damage over a given area. One shot causes a great deal of damage, but it can not be fired continuously. Ammo is unlimited, but after a set number of shots the magazine must be changed which takes a little time. The GM Cannon cannot choose this weapon.
    • Hand Grenade(special weapon): Flight distance can be adjusted as needed, but they are hard to use. One grenade does extensive damage, but they can't be used continuously. Ammunition is limited.
    • 240mm Cannon(fixed weapon): Long range and fast firing makes this weapon ideal for sniping. One causes moderate damage and it can be fired relatively quickly. However, ammunition is limited.
    • Beam Saber(fixed weapon): A powerful weapon, especially effective in close quarters combat. This weapon will automatically equip when you approach close enough to an enemy you are locked onto.
    • Large Shield: A typical shield with high coverage and endurance. Designed for the GM Cannon.
    • Small Shield: Has less coverage and endurance than the large shield, but its forked design grants it offensive capabilites when ramming into a foe. Designed for the GM.

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