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    Zombified Hazmat members, wearing suits to protect against radioactive material. These guys appear in Left 4 Dead 2.

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    The Hazmat zombie is a rare form of Infected, and appears only in Left 4 Dead 2. The Hazmat soldiers are standard zombies in a sense as they do not have any real unique abilities, such as the Witch or Smoker. In other words, the Hazmat is a common zombie, but they are uncommon if that makes sense. The Hazmat zombies are likely to have been infected before putting on their Hazmat suits, as according to inspection of their models there is no damage to their suit, which rules out having been bitten by an Infected as they patrolled in their gear.


    Owing to their Hazmat suits, these zombies are partially flame resistant. They will not take damage from Molotov Cocktails or Pipe Bombs being hurled at them, but if they are trapped in flames for long enough they will eventually die. However, due to the fact that bullets are effective on these zombies, they are almost always a better method for dealing with the problem.


    • Hazmat Infected come in two different color suits. One suit is green and one is yellow, though the two character models have the same AI meaning that there is no difference between them.
    • Pre-placed corpses of Hazmat Infected are white, but no white suits are visible as living enemies.

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