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    An amateur news reporter, and one of the four playable survivors in Left 4 Dead 2.

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    The Story Thus Far

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    Age: 29
    Hometown: Cleveland, OH
    Rochelle seems to take on a motherly role for the group, and is constantly on the look out for the well being of all of the survivors, generally being kind to everyone. 
    Rochelle was a low-level associate producer working for a big news company, although she always wanted to do more than be the office lackey. When people started calling in sick, however, she realized that the zombie outbreak could provide her with the perfect breakout role as a news reporter. She hadn't counted on just how big her story on the New Orleans evacuation center would become, though, since soon after her arrival the situation went critical. Having managed to escape the first wave, she soon met up with fellow survivors Ellis, Coach and Nick. She then decides that she'll get her story out, even if it's the last thing she'll do. 

    In-game Quotes

    • (Looking a Coach's dead body) ''Do you think Coach was his first or second name?''
    • (Picking up an axe) ''Axe me a question, I dare you.''
    • (When pinned by a Hunter) ''Oh God! It's in my ear!''
    • (When shot by a teammate) ''Check yourself before you wreck yourself, fool!''
    • (When looking at briefcase full of cash and guns) "Hey Nick, is this your briefcase?"
    • (Hanging on a ledge) "While I am the best-looking girl hanging on a ledge, I wish I wasn't!... Hanging on a ledge I mean..." 
    • (Seeing Jimmy Gibbs Jr.) "Dibbs on Gibbs!"


    • Rochelle seems to be the positive factor of the group, constantly trying to keep everyone together and team moral high. 
    • Apparently a fan of Depeche Mode, as evidenced by her T-Shirt.
    • Contrary to convention, zombies don't seem to care that she's an African-American woman, as she has as the same rate of survival as everybody else.
    • Is often reffered to by fans as "Ro" for short.
    • Ro sometimes speaks of a man who she refers to as "Jacob", saying that she "should have stayed" with him during random intervals a gameplay. However the status of her relationship with "Jacob" is unknown.
    • Rochelle's employer was a news station known as Eyewitnes 10 News whose news vans can be seen in the 4th Chapter of the Death Toll campaign known as The Town.
    • Was sent to Savannah as her first assignment after to a recent promotion she received within Eyewitness 10 News.
    • Rochelle shares her first name with her voice actress, who is known as Rochelle Aytes.
    • Rochelle's Depeche Mode T-Shirt can be obtained in the form of an avatar award if the player is able to save Gnome Chompski from the "Dark Carnival" campaign.
    • Rochelle is the second VALVe character to make reference to Columbus, Ohio (Portal's Aperture Science is also located there).
    • A couple of her quotes make reference to the Will Ferrell film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy ("Oh Knights of Columbus, that hurts!"), which is fitting, because they are both reporters.

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