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    The Spitter

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    A long ranged special infected that spits green fluid onto survivors from afar, causing a small amount of damage over time. Once the projectile impacts a survivor, it creates a small cloud around him or her that damages the victim of the shot and any other survivor within range.

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    The Spitter and Extent of Mutations

    The Spitter was heavily mutated by the strain of infection. It causes The Spitter to spit a huge ball of mutated stomach acid, which is green in colour. If the ball of spit hits an area, survivors that are located there will get a small amount of damage over time. This makes camping in Left 4 Dead 2 much harder as it slowly drains your life away. It was previously rumored that this is what happens when the Boomer's strain of infection is attached to a female but has since been proven wrong with the appearance of female Boomers. Both seem to have the same type of attack and both seem to be fat.

    The Spitters lower jaw, cheeks and lips seem to be gone. This is most likely because of the mutation by the infection, or possibly because of the acid that she coughs up. The Spitters body seems to be really awkwardly stretched including the neck, and the belly seems to be bloated (though not as big as the Boomers), this is most likely caused by the infection so that the creature could easily produce the acid fluids.

    The Spitter is evidently not entirely immune to the acid she produces, as shown by the heavily corroded mouth area reaching all the way down to her torso.

    It seems to be mutated in the same fashion as the Boomer, her gut is extended, (though it still might be growing). It seems likely that unlike the Boomer's bile, it only causes damage, it cannot attract the horde.

    The Spitters limbs appear to be really long. It is still unknown why they are so long, perhaps just to give a fearsome appearance, but more likely giving her a better angle upon which to spit on survivors.

    Scavenge mode

    The Spitter is arguably her most useful when used in Scavenge mode, where a spit to a previously picked up, but unattended gas can (Indicated by the orange outline) will cause it to ignite, not only harming anyone in the vicinity, but costing the survivors a precious gas can. This tactic is even more deadly when combined with the fact a survivor holding a can can only hold onto it for a brief period whilst within the Spitters acid, causing them to drop the can, usually to be ignited seconds later. A smart tactic is to attempt this on a survivor pouring gas into the generator, if successful, this will not only cost them a can but will prevent them from pouring another until the fire goes out.

    General tactics

    Outside of Scavenge mode, the Spitter is best used preventing the survivors from proceeding forward, generally in small spaces where there is only one possible exit. Another common use is to spit on a incapped survivor, not only damaging them but preventing another survivor from reviving them. In this respect, the Spitter is similar in design to the Smoker used primarily for stalling the enemy as opposed to outright killing them like the Tank or Charger


    There are a few achievements associated with the Spitter in Left 4 Dead 2. They are:

    • Acid Reflex: Kill a Spitter before she is able to spit.
    • Great Expectorations: As the Spitter, hit every Survivor with a single acid patch.
    • A Spittle Help From My Friends: As the Spitter, spit on a Survivor being choked by a Smoker.
    • Rode Hard, Put Away Wet: As the Jockey, ride a Survivor and steer them into a Spitter's acid patch.

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