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    Nick is one of the four playable Survivors in Left 4 Dead 2. A shady gambler and con-man with an expensive suit, he's the most selfish and pessimistic of the group.

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    Nick (sometimes referred to as Nicolas) is one of the four playable Survivors in Left 4 Dead 2. His rude, selfish demeanor makes him difficult for the other Survivors to like. However, as the campaigns progress, he learns to trust the other Survivors. His face model is Taymour Ghazi and his voice actor is Hugh Dillon.
    Before the events of Left 4 Dead 2, Nick was a gambler and a con-man who drifts from city to city, looking out for himself only and trusting nobody else. He expected to go to Savannah, Georgia to find some gullible fish on the riverboat gambling cruise circuit, and instead found an infected city.
    His attitude towards the other Survivors is mostly sarcastic, especially towards Ellis. Out of the three other Survivors, he has more in common with Rochelle, who he seems to like from the very start. His attitude towards the original Survivors from Left 4 Dead in The Passing is distrust from the start. He refers to Francis as a "greasy vest wearing monkey" while Francis and Zoey sometimes refer to him as "Colonel Sanders" (probably due to the suit). However, he eventually apologizes for his coldness and distrust at the end of the campaign.


    • (After lighting several infected on fire)  "Smells like dinner!" 
    • (When he grabs an axe) "A freakin' axe!"
    • (When he grabs pills) "Can always use these."
    • (When he grabs a frying pan) "Skillet!"
    • (When incapacitated) "Can't do this on my own, need some help."
    • (When shot by teammate) "You suck at shooting."
    • (When shot by teammate) "You really gonna shoot a guy in a $3,000 suit? I mean, come on."
    • (When shot by teammate) "Shoot me again. Come on, do it. I dare you."
    • (When shot by teammate) "Shoot me again, and I'll drop you."

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