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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 09, 1998

    Vehicular arcade action combat.

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    About the game 
    Incoming was released on the PC in 1998 and Sega Dreamcast  in 1999,as a launch title, by Rage Software and published by Interplay. The game revolved around controlling a multitude of vehicles to defend Earth from an alien invasion set in 2009 (Wait, you don't remember that?). These vehicles consisted of land vehicles, such as tanks or turrets, and air vehicles including helicopters and alien space craft. 
    The game had three different modes to play which were... 
    This mode had a simple storyline and simple missions such as transporting cargo and protecting an allied convoy. This mode also had multiple different difficulties to select from as well as two different styles. One of the styles, named "campaign combat" purely consisted of the simulation missions whereas "campaign tactics" featured sub-missions where the player controls several different vehicles and turrets in a similar style to real time strategy games. Both campaigns had ten missions in six different locations and followed the same storyline. 
    Arcade mode allowed a player to access any of the locations from the campaign where they would have to defend a location against waves of attacking enemies while collecting "power-ups". These "power-ups" contained boosts such as temporary invulnerability and weapon upgrades to help the player. 
    Split screen was available on both consoles as well as the PC having the ability to have a network/internet game. This was similar to the arcade mode but with some alterations depending on the game mode selected.

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