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You play as a young kid called Jack, who loves drawing in a book the adventures of his imaginary friend Indigo.  Indigo gets trapped inside the  book and Jack must go inside his own worlds in the hope of rescuing his friend.
Indigo is a platformer in which the objective is to reach the end of each level within the time limit.  However to open the level exit you have to find all the keys on the level.  The keys are all around the levels and some can be found on monsters. 
There is a variety of power ups available throughout the game and these include:
The football: Press fire to throw balls.
The Bombs: Bombs fly down the screen.
The Flash: Zaps all the enemies on screen.
The Droid: A droid follows the player and reveals hidden power ups and bonuses.
The Super Hero: Transforms the player in a super hero who can fly and fire lasers.
The clock. Adds 30 seconds to the time limit.


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