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    Magic Pockets

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released 1991

    Control the Bitmap Kid with his Magic Pockets full of tornadoes, clouds, ice cubes and snowballs through four unique worlds, defeating monsters and riding magic toys like bikes, boxing gloves, diving helmets and space hoppers.

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    Magic Pockets is a platform game produced by the Bitmap Brothers, released in 1991.


    In Magic Pockets, the player takes control of the Bitmap Kid who has magical pockets with an infinite capacity. Magic Pockets had four main areas and the weapons that the Bitmap kid pulls from his pockets to fling at oncoming enemies change in each of the areas. The weapons can be charged by holding down the attack button, when at their highest charge the weapons can suck up enemies, Which each area came a new power which could effect the environment to your advantage. The first power are whirlwinds which could break blocks and after throwing a full power shot and jumping into it would shoot you up in the form of a super jump. The 2nd level had clouds which after a full shot could both provide an extra ledge to jump on and, after it evaporates, a drop of water forms and if it hits a seed on the ground it will start to grow vines allowing you to reach extra parts of the level. The 3rd had you using ice blocks which could freeze the tops of lakes so you could walk across them. Finally you used snowballs in the last stage, if dropping a low power shot onto the ground and walking into it caused that shot to build up into a full power picking up snow basically providing a shield.

    To defeat each level meant getting to the exit door, each level could contain multiple exits in the more open ended levels. After reaching the exit you would receive bonus points depending on your achievements (How many baddies you had killed, how many stars you collected, how many sweets you ate) but, as the main story line suggest, you have to find and recover your toys in the levels from the baddies and take them to the exit. Like the powers the 4 levels have a toy to find. 

    1. The bike - Jumping on it makes you invincible and tapping the buttons pedal and you tore through packs of baddies.
    2. The boxing glove - Picking up removed your powers but again you are invincible and can punch and kill baddies in on hit leaving behind a 1000 point coin.
    3. The diving helmet - Allows you to dive and swim in water without being hurt.
    4 .The Space hopper - Makes you invincible and of course you can jump much higher and land on baddies, killing them.


    The Magic Pockets game was used as a phone in competition on the British Saturday morning children's programme "Motormouth". Contestants would observe the game in their television at home whilst shouting instructions down the phone.
    The theme music for Magic Pockets was the song 'Doin' the Do' by Betty Boo which had previously charted at number 7 in the English Single charts in September 1990.

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