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Jehuty is the main Orbital Frame in the Zone of the Enders franchise. It is piloted by both of the game's protagonists, Leo Stenbuck and Dingo Egret. Jehuty is revealed to be the sister frame of the identical, but stronger, Anubis. Jehuty's name is derived from the deity Thoth, who's name has been written as "Djehuty".


Jehuty's body is a mostly humanoid shape with a dog-like head. Thrusters protrude from it's spine in a wing-like pattern that fold in when not in use. There are also two smaller, more basic thrusters on Jehuty's knee joints. On Jehuty's right arm is a retractable blade. While the blade is retracted there is a small gun-cannon at the hilt. Jehuty's left arm holds a deflector energy shield. Three fin-like protrusions are located at the lower base of Jehuty's spine. Jehuy's primary color pattern is blue and orange.

Alternate Forms

Jehuty Ver. 2 - This is the form Jehuty ascends to after integrating the Zero Shift Program, which allows Orbital Frames to move at such high speeds it simulates warping. In addition to the Zero Shift capabilities Jehuty gains the ability to detach the fin-like protrusions which will float around the frame as OPTIONs to augment Jehuty's attacks. Jehuty also acquires auto-shielding capabilities causing any shot lower than a Burst to be automatically deflected. In this form Jehuty's appearance changes to adopt lighter amor and a light green aura. These upgrades bring Jehuty and Anubis to equal footing

Damaged Jehuty - When Nohman unleashes the Path to Phobos the incredible amount of compressed space nearly destroys Jehuty and renders it crippled. The majority of Jehuty's armor is destroyed and it's left arm is rendered useless. Due to this damage, Jehuty's shield becomes inoperable and the auto-shield offline. In addition, it also loses the ability to use all subweapons except for Zero Shift and Grab and can no longer use normal, dash, or burst shots. In this form, Jehuty has unlimited sub-weapon energy. Strangely, Jehuty still manages to be Anubis' match and defeat Anubis.

Naked Jehuty - Jehuty assumes this form after defeating Anubis and absorbing it's power. In this form all remaining armor is discarded leaving Jehuty with a white skull-like appearance. To add to this, the back takes on a spine-like look. Jehuty's aura changes to a pearly white. In this form Jehuty's power skyrockets. It loses the OPTIONs from version 2 but keeps the auto-shield. Jehuty is able to defeat enemies with a single attack. The grab maneuver changes from a spinning throw to devouring the enemy frame with use of a black, pike-like "tongue".


    Primary Weapons
    • Blade - A sword-like melee attack
    • Shot - The basic projectile attack
    • Grab - A grapple attack


  • Bounder - Powerful energy ball that bounces off surfaces toward targets
  • Comet - Controllable energy shot
  • Decoy - Interferes with enemy radars causing them to temporarily lose sight of Jehuty
  • Floating Mine - Places a mine that will explode when enemies come in contact
  • Gauntlet - Powerful shot that flies straight toward it's target and bounces off
  • Geyser - Fires shots into the air that then rain down
  • Halberd - Powerful energy sword
  • Homing Missiles - Powerful homing missiles that pierce enemy defenses. Up to 16 can be amassed at once before firing.
  • Javelin - Short range energy weapon that travels in an arc
  • Mummy - Repairs Jehuty
  • Phalanx - Multi-ranged rapid fire weapon
  • Sniper - Long ranged low power weapon with high accuracy
  • Vector Cannon - Large, powerful, blast with a long charge time
  • Wisp - A long range version of Grab.
  • Zero-Shift - Allows Jehuty to fly at incredible speeds. Can be used to ram enemies.

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