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Johnny, standing up.
Johnny, standing up.

Johnny is a cocky, selfish, fast-talking robot from Chrono Trigger. He can either stand up on two legs (folding his wheels onto his back), or become a three-wheeled vehicle. He lives in Lab 32 in 2300 A.D. There, he is always waiting for a worthy opponent to race with. When Crono and his party come along, Johnny challenges them to a race, which Crono and company compete in on a jet bike. After Crono wins, Johnny permits them to continue on their way. The racing minigame was later released as a stand-alone product on the Super Famicom's Satellaview service, under the title BS Chrono Trigger: Jet Bike Special.

Other Appearances

Chrono Cross

Johnny in Chrono Cross.
Johnny in Chrono Cross.

Johnny has a cameo in Chrono Cross, where he is on the roadside in the Dead Sea near the Highwayman.


Johnny makes an appearance in the Chrono Trigger OAV. True to character, he is depicted as loving racing and the attention he receives from it. However, he does get injured during the race because of a malfunctioning Gato, a Nu, and a hyperactive Poyozo.

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