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    Crono is the silent protagonist of Chrono Trigger. With his big hair, big sword and lots of courage, he and his friends are ready to save the world from Lavos.

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    Crono is the protagonist of the legendary role playing game, Chrono Trigger. He also has a brief appearance in Chrono Cross, alongside Lucca and Marle, as younger apparitions of themselves. When the player first meets Crono in Chrono Trigger he is living with his mother in the town of Truce around 1000 AD. Life in the town is less than spectacular, with the Millennial Fair being the only exciting element of life in the Guardia Kingdom. On one particular year, Crono is enjoying the festivities when he meets the young woman Marle. This encounter forever changes his life as the next series of events leads Crono all over the time spectrum, from the beginning, to the end, and finally back to his own time. Crono's journey escalates into his own odyssey, at the end of which, he emerges as a hero of time.

    In the PlayStation version of the game (Chrono Trigger was packaged in Final Fantasy Chronicles), the game ends with a wedding ceremony in which Crono is wed to Marle.

    Crono uses swords as his primary weapons. Unlike Frog, whose weapons consist of a large sword and a shield, Crono uses the agile katana. Crono's magical element is Lightning. He has one of the most damaging magic attacks later in the game: Luminaire. This technique will save any player during any of the later fights. Crono is very popular among the townspeople because it is known that his mother gives money to people she likes. She also lets people sleep in Crono's room while he is gone for free.

    Crono: A Traditional Hero

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    One of the largest elements about Crono's character is that he is not a bombastic show off, but is a humble, calculating person. Crono says little throughout the entirety of Chrono Trigger, instead he uses actions create his reputation. In addition to these most heroic of characteristics, Crono relies on himself and his friends. Throughout the journey, Crono seems willing and able to sacrifice his own well being for the good of his friends and for the assurance that they will not fail their mission.

    Unable to allow his friends well being or the outcome of mission to be jeopardized, Crono relies on his own wits throughout the game. This is the reason that he uses the traditional Japanese sword, the katana, no matter what time period he is exploring, even though modern weaponry is at his disposal.



    Cyclone - "Damage enemies within an area"

    Wind Slash - "Slash enemies with wind gusts"

    Lightning - "Damage an enemy with Lightning"

    Cleave - "Damages an enemy greatly"

    Lightning 2 - "Damages enemies with Lightning"

    Raise - "Awakes a KO'd party member"

    Frenzy - "Strike enemy 4 times in succession"

    Luminaire - "Attack all enemies with holy light"


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