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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

The Warden first encounters Justice as a spirit in the veil while in the Blackmarsh. Justice aids the warden in escaping the veil, however Justice is accidentally torn from the veil too and trapped in the body of the deceased Warden Kristoff. Justice can potentially join the Warden-Commander's cause if the player will allow him.

Justice's unique specialization is Spirit Warrior.

Dragon Age 2

Though Justice doesn't appear physically, he still retains an appearance via the apostate Mage, Anders. After the Warden corpse that Justice inhabited, Kristof, was completely exhausted Anders allowed his friend Justice to share his own body, after Justice himself offered his aid against the Circle of Magi. During the events, however, Anders own anger corrupted the spirit of Justice turning him into a demon of Vengeance, with Anders now being just short of an abomination.

Raising Justice's approval meter (Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening)

Justice, much like his name implies, is a being of honour, virtue and least of all Justice. He strives to do what is right and will get along well with the Warden-Commander if he/she too upholds a strong moral code of righteousness.

The best gifts for Justice mostly consist of items that once belonged to Kristoff, the Warden corpse that Justice inhabits. Other such items as books of poetry and trinkets endowed with lyrium work well too.

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