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A darkspawn emissary of considerable power, the Architect was the first of the darkspawn to gain sentience, and it was through his experiments that others followed.

The Architect frequently performs experiments on living beings, many of which relate to Grey Wardens and the taint. It was these tests that led to his brethren gaining sentience. In many ways he behaves like a scientist, although due to his darkspawn nature he tends to lack empathy or morality. He also exhibits an interest in darkspawn and the archdemons, hoping to break their hold over his people and thus free them from their influence.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

As the leader of a band of Disciples, he is responsible for the attack on Vigil's Keep at the beginning of Awakening, though his motives were not explained at the time (he later explains it as a flawed attempt by his Disciple to try and ally with the Wardens). His plan involves Grey Warden blood, which can be used to sever the connection between Darkspawn and Archdemons.

The Mother, a broodmother who has also gained sentience, is the Architect's primary adversary, and both of their forces are engaged in a darkspawn civil war.

Near the end of Awakening, The Architect approaches The Warden with the possibility of allying together against The Mother and to potentially prevent further Blights. The Warden can then either accept the deal, thus gaining an ally in the final battle or decline and kill both The Architect and his dwarven assistant Utha. However if the Warden accepts The Architect as an ally, the Legion of the Dead dwarf Sigrun will turn against the player.

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