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The Dalish elf is "nature's hand, an instrument of vengeance, and she will never submit" in her unending fight to avenge the treatment of the Dalish at the hands of humans. Because of this code, Velanna, is very weary towards humans, still bitter with the horrors they commited against the elves so long ago.

Valenna is found by the player in the Wending Wood, killing all the human travelers and caravans, thinking they have kidnapped her sister.

It is revealed to the player however, that it was the Darkspawn that have captured her sister and merely baited evidence at Valenna's camp to suggest the humans are the kidnappers. Valenna is eventually caught up by the player and may either be killed for her crimes, will run away to find her sister or can join the player to help save her sister but to also end the darkspawn threat in the Woods.

Soon enough, she will eventually seek to join the Wardens and may do so if the player allows it.

Raising Valenna's approval meter.

Valenna is a very vocal character, constantly expressing her distaste for humans. To get on her good side through conversation, the player must work around her hatred to show how blinded she is from such opinions.

Books are appropiate gifts for her and elven artifacts especially work well.


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