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Sigrun is a Legionnaire Scout rogue and a member of the Legion of The Dead. Her party was ambushed and slaughtered by Darkspawn while venturing through the front door of Kal'Hirol in the Deep Roads; she was the only one left alive after the ambush.

Sigrun has reason to believe that the Darkspawn are forming a army inside Kal'Hirol, and so joins the Grey Warden Commander to put a stop to it. Her unique specialization is the Legionaire Scout class.

Raising Sigrun's approval meter.

Sigrun is a very cheery woman -- ironic when considering the life she's lead. She likes that the player character jokes around with her during conversation, and that she isn't judged for her past life as a thief in Dust Town.

Gift-wise, she appreciates alcohol just as much as any dwarf. She will also be grateful in being gifted books and other such items that she otherwise couldn't find during her stay underground.

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