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    Teyrn Loghain

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    A patriot, general and great warrior in Dragon Age: Origins. Together with his friend, the future King Maric Theirin, Loghain Mac Tir was instrumental in freeing Ferelden from Orleisian control. Strong-willed and ruthless, Loghain is a powerful military commander and a force to be reckoned with.

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    Loghain is one of the most important characters of the Dragon Age franchise. He is a major antagonist in Dragon Age: Origins, and much of the main story plot is centered around his betrayal of King Cailan. From a young age he has proven himself a skilled strategist and warrior. He would sacrifice anything for his native land of Ferelden, often blurring the lines between good and evil. He featured as a boss in Dragon Age: Origins and a potential recruitable character.


    Loghain Mac Tir was born into a simple farming family in Ferelden during the Orlesian occupation. The oppressive Orlesian rule demanded high taxes that his father, Gareth Mac Tir, refused to pay. As a result, the Orlesian declared the farm forfeit, and when Gareth resisted, the Orlesian commander sent to collect their payment informed the soldiers to teach them a lesson. Gareth and Loghain, held against their will, were forced to watch Loghain's mother get raped and murdered.

    After the soldiers ransacked their farmhold and left, Gareth decided to pursue them and murdered their commander. Loghain and his father became outlaws on the run from the Orlesians. Their simple camp expanded as more and more of those down-trodden under the tyrannical Orlesian rule fled their past lives into poverty. Banding together, Loghain watched as his father became the leader of a small moving refuge for outlaws and outcasts.

    Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne (Novel)

    In his teens, Loghain would chance upon Maric Theirin, the displaced true King of Ferelden. Their story told in Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne (written by head writer of Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age II, David Gaider) novel would detail the struggle of the Ferelden people against the usurper Meghren. Throughout the novelization, Loghain would show himself to be invaluable to the rebellion fight as well as a pivotal character of influence on the future restored King Maric Theirin.


    Dragon Age: Origins

    "It takes more than legends to win a battle."

    Loghain is first encountered in Ostagar while preparing for the upcoming battle. He expresses contempt for his son-in-law King Cailan, who he believes as naive and more obsessed with the legends of the Grey Wardens than in actually fighting the Blight. He cares little for the Wardens themselves, partly because of their connection with Orlais. When the battle begins, Loghain orders his troops to abandon the battlefield in Ostagar, leaving Cailan and almost all of his men to die. He then attempts to unify the Houses of the Landsmeet under his control through his daughter Queen Anora. He also declares all Grey Wardens to be traitors, forbidding anyone to aid them and placing bounties on the Warden and Alistair.

    Landsmeet Confrontation (End Game Spoilers)

    When the Warden confronts Loghain before the Landsmeet, they can attempt to reveal his treachery and turn the Noble Houses against him. If successful, Loghain will challenge the Warden to one-on-one combat (a party member can act as the Warden's champion if so desired). When defeated, Loghain can either be executed for his crimes, or forced to become a Grey Warden, tasked with fighting the Blight and the probability of death seen as punishment for his crimes. Queen Anora will refuse to marry Alistair if he executes Loghain, but will consent if the Warden does it. Sparing Loghain's life, however, will cause Alistair to leave the party, never to be heard from again. Loghain will replace him as a party member.

    Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

    If the Warden spared his life in the Landsmeet in Origins, Loghain will have a brief cameo in Awakening. He arrives at Vigil's Keep to check up on the Warden, and states that he is being reassigned to the Grey Wardens in Orlais. If the Warden is married to Anora, he will have additional dialogue inquiring about potential grandchildren.

    Dragon Age II

    As Varric begins his tale of the Champion of Kirkwall, he provides an explanation for both the in-game story and for players of The Blight in Ferelden and Loghain's role at Ostagar.



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