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    Katherine McBride

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    One of the main characters from Catherine, Katherine-with-a-K is Vincent's girlfriend, and may or may not be carrying his child.

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    Katherine Mcbride is 32 years old, the same age as her boyfriend Vincent, the main protagonist in Catherine. She's an office manager for a clothing company. 

    Katherine was born in the same town as Vincent and they are childhood friends. Katherine became Vincent's girlfriend after they encountered each other once again at a school reunion, five years before the events of the game. Katherine knows many details about Vincent e.g. knowing how many sugar cubes Vincent wants in his coffee. 
    During a conversation between Katherine and Vincent at a coffee shop, she indicates that she might be pregnant with Vincent's child. This was confirmed long before the game's release by Vincent's cameo as the Man Drinking Alone in Persona 3 Portable. Catherine initially doesn't know of the relationship between Vincent and Katherine, and of course, Katherine is unaware that her boyfriend is cheating on her. 
    The voice actress for Katherine in the English version Catherine is Michelle Ruff. In the Japanese version, Katherine is voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi.

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