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An absolute masterpiece, must be experienced! 0

Killer 7 is the first of Suda 51's games that I had the pleasure of playing. At the time, I just wanted to see it, because I heard it was a very violent game on a Nintendo console, and I just wanted to see how much they could actually get away with. Little did I know, sitting there on my couch with the title screen creepily screaming itself into place, that the game would be so much more then that.First, let's just talk about the graphics. The graphics were extremely innovative at the time, tak...

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A politically-charged and intriguing story with a bizarre yet colorful cast can only do so much with gameplay this poor. 0

If a game has a good story, often the player can look past its other flaws and issues because they have an interesting tale to experience and travel through. Killer7 is a weird game in this regard since it has an interesting story (while being head-scratching right to the scalp) but has atrocious aiming controls that limits its combat. I’m placed in the precocious position of recommending the game for the experience it has to offer but also thinking poorly of it for its gameplay. It’...

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Killer 7 Review 0

Coming from the brain of the great Suda 51, Killer 7 is without a doubt one of the best most original games ever created. Killer 7 was once one of the prime game of the "Capcom 5" that Capcom created exclusively for the Nintendo Gamecube. But some creative decisions later killer 7 eventually found its way to the PS2 as well, no matter what console, the game is amazing and everyone should give it a try.   Dan the man, my personal favorite Killer 7.  Concept: Killer 7 is basically a mixture ...

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Risks are taken to make one of the most memorable games available 1

A game that thrives to be different, Capcom’s Killer7 is originality where originality seems to be sunk under tons of big-numbered sequels and established franchises. You’ve played your standard action-adventure title, but it’s likely that no one’s played an on-the-rail shooting adventure with RPG elements since Killer7 came around. Risks are seen throughout this game that are taken in order for it to be what it is, but for the most part, Killer7 succeeds, and can even be one of the most memorab...

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Strangely addictive 0

Killer 7  is a game about a syndicate of assassins called the Killer 7. The Killer 7 are actually one person with multiple personalities, and they can be changed between at will, as they go on missions that concern the heaven smiles, which they need to destroy. There's more to the plot, but to say more would spoil it, so I'll leave it there. This is actually the first shooter game that I've ever played - it's not a genre that typically interests me, but I was drawn in by promises of the bizarre ...

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A Highly Polarizing, Unique Experience 0

Killer 7 is truly one of the most bizarre games I have ever played.  Not bizarre like Katamari or Rez, but an all new kind of bizarre.  Describing it by comparing it to any other game would prove difficult, so I won't even try.  Killer 7 is so different from anything else that I actually had a feeling of "am I even playing this right?" at times.  Do not take this negatively though, as Killer 7, while admittedly not for everyone, is a breath of fresh air in a world of cookie-cutter games.  E...

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One Deadly Assassin. Seven Killer Personalities. Brilliant! 0

What do you get if you combine both Shinji Mikami and Hiroyuki Kobayashi (The geniuses of the Resident Evil series), and the twisted mind of Mr. Suda 51? The result is Killer7. This game takes you to a whole new level that you think it might not be possible, but they did it anyways. And if you think games like Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill is weird...think again!The Smiths  Killer7 is about Harman Smith, a sharp-witted, crippled old man who leads a syndicate that travels all around the wor...

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Total letdown. 0

I loved No More Heroes, and wanted to see where the xrazy development team behind it started, so I picked up a copy of Killer 7 for cheap. Well, it was still way too much. I was letdown is just about every way with this game, and I only reccomend it to those who want to see Suda-51's origins or need to try every artsy viedo game out there.The game's presentation is pretty good. The art syle is unique and stylish, although severly lacking in technology when compared to No More Heroes. The load ti...

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Ultra violent cool shooter action 0

 I have tried to start this game couple of times but always been put off by the bland/uninviting first level. Few weeks ago I decided to give this a new shot and just work my way through the first level to see what the hype was about. And I am glad I did. Killer7 is a crazy adventure shooter for Playstation 2 & Gamecube. Game has been developed by Grasshopper Manufacture notable known for Mr. Suda51. What separates Killer7 from other PS2/GC games is the fact that Killer...

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