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    Kiros Seagul

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    Kiros is the thin and quick, dual-blade weilding counterpart of the Laguna-Kiros-Ward party in Final Fantasy VIII.

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    Kiros is the young, knife-wielding member of Laguna's party, consisting of Kiros, Laguna, and Ward. Kiros is rather thin, and as a result is very quick. He uses 2 blades to inflict more damage.

    The party first encounters Kiros in the first "Dream" that Squall has, with Zell and Selphie. Kiros, like Ward, complains a bit. Kiros is shown with Laguna and Ward arriving in Deling City and encountering Laguna's first love, and Rinoa's mother, Julia Heartilly. Some "dreams" show Kiros meeting up with Laguna in Winhill, searching through Lunatic Pandora, as well as the time he helped Laguna and Ward escape an Estharian prison and hunting for Ellone. One of the last dreams is of Kiros joining Laguna in a movie, where he was supposed to play the dragon of the scene, but is instead replaced by a real dragon. He eventually comes to help Laguna take on the beasts.

    In the end, Kiros winds up alongside Ward and Laguna as usual, only as a Presidential advisor. He, Ward, and Laguna all are inseparable, truly devoted to one another.


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