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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 20, 2018

    A browser shooter game playable from anywhere. Comes with game modes such as FFA, TDM, Hardpoint (King of the Hill), and more.

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    Krunker is a multiplayer FPS with blocky graphics, playable right in your browser at It entered open beta on 20th of May, 2018, and fully released on January 29th, 2019


    Its gameplay is firmly focused on the fun factor over realism. As such, all of the characters and most of the textures are all very blocky style, similar to those found in Minecraft. All of the weapons have limited magazine sizes, but can be reloaded indefinitely. In addition, there is a heavy focus on player movement across the map. There are many different methods of movement to this game (such as rocket jumping, bhopping, slide hopping, etc.), some requiring more skill than others.


    There are 5 default maps (Burg, Littletown, Sandstorm, Subzero, and Undergrowth), which are played in FFA, TDM, CTF, or Hardpoint (King of the Hill) modes, with each round lasting 4 minutes. There are also several game modes that are only available in the custom servers: such as Boss Hunt, Hide and Seek, Infected, and even movement-based Parkour and Race modes.


    Players fight it out after picking one out of 12 available classes: ranging from full auto weapons (like the AR) to one hit kills weapons (like the sniper) and everything in between (like the revolver). All of these classes are available from the start, even to the guests who haven't yet made an account.


    Making an account not only allows players to track their stats, but also unlock more secondaries, join/create clans, and access the marketplace. Players with accounts will also earn the in-game currency (KR) at the end of every round, which can then be spent on cosmetics in the store or the marketplace.


    More creative players can also upload their custom mods for either personal use or as part of a mod others can use. These mods are for weapon skins, weapon models, textures, sounds, etc. (all local changes). Lastly, players are able to use an in-game map editor, which allows for the creation of custom maps. These maps can be uploaded to the game, and are playable by anyone (even guests) on the custom hosted servers. Multiple game parameters (such as player limit, lives, time limit, etc.) can be adjusted for custom matches hosted by players.


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