Kyle Hyde

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    The protagonist of Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Last Window. An ex-cop searching for his former partner who betrayed him.

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    Kyle Hyde is an ex-NYPD cop, now working as a salesman. Once upon a time, Kyle and his partner Bradley were the "Kings of New York," as Louis DeNonno states. The two were very close, and a force to be reckoned with on the streets. When Bradley went rogue with an organization called Nile, Kyle was forced to shoot him. The experience forced Kyle to retire, so he left New York and began working as a salesman for an old friend of his father's. Kyle, confident that Bradley is still alive, spends much of his time searching for his old friend, wondering why he took the path he did. He eventually finds the answers to all of his questions when his job takes him to Hotel Dusk

    More about Kyle's past is revealed in the sequel, Last Window. Kyle's father, Chris Hyde was a master safe cracker involved in some shady circles. After marrying Jeanie Hyde and having a son, Kyle, Chris had tried to go straight, but the night that he went out to do his last job, he never came home. His body was later found in a parking lot. Jeanie and Kyle moved from Los Angeles to New York, where Kyle eventually grew up to be a cop at a young age.
    Cynical and to the point, Hyde's personality can best be described as blunt. He makes no pretenses of politeness, and always states his opinion without much reserve. He is not wholly inconsiderate of others, however, and despite his grumbling he often helps people with their own problems, even if it's only to get them off his back. Kyle has a sharp eye and inquisitive personality, to the point that he sometimes gets mixed up in other's affairs more deeply then he would like. He enjoys jazz, and a good bourbon.


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