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    Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places)

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Feb 02, 1988

    The second installment in Al Lowe's bawdy Leisure Suit Larry series finds our polyester-clad hero rejected and single once again. Despite unwittingly becoming involved in the dangerous world of international espionage, Larry Laffer's hilarious search for love continues.

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    Continuing where you left off in the first Larry game, after meeting Larry's dream woman "Eve" in the hotel penthouse swimming pool, Larry 2 begins with a scene of Larry mowing the lawn of his new house just as Eve pulls out of the driveway in her fancy car telling Larry she's leaving him. Sad news for poor Larry, but great news for us fans! Upon moping away from your former home, Larry manages to win the lottery, AND a spot on a television game show, winning a cruise to an exotic island all in the same day. Then unwittingly becomes the target of the KGB and a mad scientist, who follow him to his tropical destination of Nontoonyt Island! As you'd expect, plenty of hilarity ensues in this worthy sequel to The Land of the Lounge Lizards.

    Because of the controversial themes of the first Larry game, Sierra wanted to tone down the sequel. Resultantly, were left with a hilariously funny game without much sexual humour. In fact even attempting to have sex in the game, usually results in Larry's demise. Sierra later ditched this idea for later sequels of the game, after criticisms from fans of the series that Larry 2 was not raunchy/sexy enough. For this reason, the game did not feature an age check, or a trivia of worldly knowledge that would otherwise be before a youngsters time to be able to answer, but rather a basic copy protection.

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