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    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released January 1990

    A classic graphic adventure game from LucasArts. In Loom, classic point and click gameplay is combined with a musical interface.

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    In Loom, players take control of young Bobbin Threadbare. Following cataclysmic events early in the game, Bobbin goes on a quest of fate and prophecy. Throughout the story, players interact with an enchanted swan with whom Bobbin is mysteriously connected.


    The interface in Loom is unlike any of the other SCUMM games; Bobbin interacts with his surroundings by using a musical distaff (a traditional weaving tool), which replace the standard adventure game commands. Musical phrases played on the distaff control Bobbin's surroundings in various ways. In the harder difficulty setting, the distaff's notation is removed, and the player must correctly select the correct area of the distaff to play specific notes, without assistance. The distaff can play a full 8 notes, from middle C to C.

    Four-note "Drafts", or musical phrases can be played backwards for the opposite affect, on occasion; ECED will open, DECE will close.

    While well received, the game didn't sell as well as Lucasfilms had hoped; a planned sequel never was created.


    If a player chooses expert mode (there are no markings or assistance in playing the distaff), Bobbin's hooded face is revealed at the games finale.

    Loom is referenced in a few other LucasArts games, most notably The Secret of Monkey Island. Examples include a minor Loom character appearing as the pirate in the SCUMM bar who shamelessly advertises Loom, as well as Guybrush's reaction to Meathook. A dialogue selection from that event reads "I'm Bobbin, are you my mother?" Meathook replies, "Your mother was a duck." in reference to the swan from Loom. A seagull from Loom can also be found by the water outside the SCUMM Bar kitchen.


    The original release of Loom came with an audio cassette containing a 30 minute dramatized prologue for the game.

    All the music in Loom is from the 1877 ballet "Swan Lake" by Tchaikovsky.


    Loom was re-released on Steam on July 8th, 2009 along with a few other LucasArts classic adventure games.


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